Pure Love

Today’s daily shoot assignment: Make a photograph of one of the least expensive things that you cherish.

Here is a least expensive thing I cherish the most. It maybe free but to me it’s priceless. My son Kyle made this bowl for me when he was 5 – so innocent and full of love; can’t believe he will be 16 in a couple of months. Damn… where have the years gone?


9 Comments on “Pure Love

  1. Lovely gift, and priceless too.
    I had a few “Daddy, will you stop smoking? Answer: Yes / No.” on my birthdays, from my daughter when she was little. She’s 15 now.. and although she has not given me another note like that, I remember them, and I know I disappointed her.

    • Thank you David. I know… we want to give them everything and make them proud of us and feel guilty when we failed. But such as life… can’t beat ourselves up for past mistakes. It won’t change anything. 😉

  2. How sweet! These are truly the objects that we treasure forever!! My kids are still young, but I’m sure I will have gifts like this from them! My parents actually kept a jar of colored sand that I made for them in preschool (and they still have it)!

    • I’m sure they will have plenty of treasures to give you. In the mean time, just keep doing what you are doing… take lots of pictures of them while they are still so innocent and cute! Because you will treasure those moments dearly, especially when they become the “know it all” teenagers. 😉 Thanks for visiting my blog Holly… have a great weekend.

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