Life is Good…

My life is a dream
It’s not as bad as it seem
Though most would not agree
I can be happy

I hide in shame with
No one to blame
Life is a cruel game

This hump I carry
Is a pain in the neck
It’s difficult to look back

With a face not worthy
Of a mother’s love
I belong to a lonely club

But life is good
As it should
 I am free
To come and go
As I please
No one can control me


17 Comments on “Life is Good…

  1. I love snails – they’re lovely little things! The lowest photo looks like it’s saying, “oh noooooo it’s a long way down!”

    Saw a reply you made to a comment above about snails climbing. Yes, they can climb, they can ‘walk’ upside down and do all sorts of interesting things! (I had pet snails as a child).

  2. That’s an interesting poem, the third snail shot is the one I like best

  3. Oh my my !! I am almost envious of his freedom 🙂 and his mobile home!!
    Such a beautiful poem, Emily… and the pictures are just WOWWWWW!!!
    I bow before you, lady!! I am doing some learn-at-home photography (at level zero right now).. and looking at these images, I am totally inspired!
    Sometimes, cameras talk when eyes don’t grasp the details… like here! beautiful!!!

    • Thank you so much Kavita for your nice comment. Glad to hear my images inspire you. I know the beautiful words you write inspires me. It’s true the camera can see details, I shot the pictures first and as I was looking at them; the words started to form in my mind. Thanks for visiting. Have a great weekend. 🙂

    • I found this snail on top of the hydrangea bush. Kind of surprise me. Didn’t know they like to climb. I probably spent about 15 minutes just watching and observing this little guy. It was very interesting.

      Thanks Sasi for your continue support!

  4. I ADORE these snail pictures. I like the “pose” of the third photo. Like you, I love getting real close. Do you use a macro lens?

    • Thanks for visiting my blog Sandra. For these shots, I used the Nikkor 18-55mm lens. For the first shot, the setting was: 35mm, ISO 200, 1/500 @ f/5. The second @ 22mm and third shot @ 18mm

  5. Although I’m not very fond of snails, I love the sharpness of the first photo especially. Looks very good.

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