Where the Heck Is Spring?

One thing about owning a restaurant… I get to meet a lot of people, share cooking tips, gossips, and get up to date weather report. The other day when someone told me that we were going to get snow, I didn’t want to believe it. After all, it was 70 degrees and sunny outside. Besides, I’m eagerly awaiting for the cactus flowers to bloom. I’ve never seen cactus blooms in the wild and there are quite a few cactus bushes around my wilderness backyard with buds — ready to bloom in a couple of weeks. Well… one thing I am learning about the weather report here… they are very accurate. I woke up yesterday to snow — as they have predicted.

Great… I thought… just what I need when I am trying to get my restaurant going. Anyway, I took the opportunity to use my camera. As I was shooting, the sun came out. I’ve never been in a snow situation where it’s snowing and sunny at the same time. And the thought of perhaps seeing a rainbow came to my mind. I wasn’t sure if snow works the same way as rain and would create a rainbow. Maybe they taught this in my science class and I was daydreaming… which I did a lot when I was in school. Well… I looked and didn’t see any rainbow. But it was still a very pretty experience.


The More Important News

When I turned on the T.V. this evening and began to channel surf, news of Prince William and Kate Middleton’s wedding continue to dominate every news and none news channels. There were even talk about bets being made on the kind of hair style Kate Middle might wear, the color of her dress, shoes, etc. I couldn’t help but feel disgusted that while they are so excited to report about the couple’s impending nuptial, the people in the southern states are experiencing the horrific affects from the devastating tornadoes: flattened towns, as many as 300 people have died, at least million people without electricity, and thousands have lost their homes with nowhere to go. Yet, the news seem very casual and lack the urgency in reporting the types of assistance being provided or how people can help. I mean what happen to CNN and their over coverage news broadcasting on important events? Seems like the wedding has made the news channels forget the more important news at home. Okay, I will get off my soap box now.

My prayers and best wishes to all the tornado victims.

Slowly But Surely

Finally, after more than 30 days of consecutive rainy weather — we had a sunny day last Friday. Took the opportunity to go on a photo walk at the yearly Skagit Valley tulip festival where you can see millions of colorful variety of tulips in bloom. Even though it has been a slow blooming year due to the cold — judging from these blooming tulips, slowly but surely… spring has finally sprung.

Spring Blossoms In Winter

Here is the first flower blossom for the season but season of what? Winter? Spring? It’s a freezing 32 degrees today. Burr… that’s a difference of 16 degrees from last week. It’s no wonder this poor bush is so confused and decided to have spring blossoms in winter.  

However, the confused blossoms gave me the perfect opportunity — that is to have a flower date with Macro. It has been a while since we’ve done anything together. Needless to say, the date rekindled our love affair… 😀

Another Day In Paradise


A Break In The Clouds

I couldn’t believe my eyes when I looked out of my office window. Finally, the rain clouds parted just long enough for the sun to set and show all of its glorious colors. This is one of the most beautiful and color-saturated sunsets I’ve seen in a long time. Granted the sunset lasted less than 30 minutes but it was enough for me to feel grateful. As I gazed at the beautiful sight, I could feel my winter blues replaced by a sense of joyful energy.

When The Weather Is Bad

Well… at least yesterday’s snow didn’t stick around. I guess I can tolerate the rain and wind better than snow. Anyway, since it’s too wet and cold outside; I decided to use the opportunity to work on my food portfolio. Then I realized with the nasty weather; I’ve been lazy about going to the grocery store. And all I have to work with were a couple of very ripped bananas. I decided to make Banana & Walnut Pancakes. A couple of hours later, I got some pretty interesting shots that I think will work well for my portfolio. Hope you enjoy the pictures and of course the pancakes. If you like bananas, you will love this recipe — which I will post on my Foodie With Camera website.

The Mixing Bowl

Darn it! Woke up this morning to snow, rain and gusty wind. It’s days like this that I envy my sister. She lives in Hawaii. Hum… maybe it’s time to pay her a visit. 😉

I was going to bake cupcakes for today’s post and instead, got distracted by the mixing bowl. I like the reflections and thought this would fit today’s daily shoot assignment: Make a photograph of something shiny or glossy, but not transparent. Emphasize the effect of the surface.