WordPress Photo Walk

After a few weeks of planning and anticipation, we finally had our first WordPress photo walk. I met up with my fellow bloggers: David, Jolene, and Mike for a fun day of discovering Seattle. It was great to finally meet everyone after following each other’s blog for months. What a fun experience it was — I enjoyed the day immensely and look forward to the next WP Photo Walkabout.

During our walk, I discovered some places that was new to me even though I’ve been to the area many times — like the Gum Wall at Pike Place Market. It was disgusting and yet interesting at the same time. Though, I tried not to think about the airborne germs lurking as I got up close to take a few shots.

Thank goodness, the rest of the discovery was much more pleasant. Like the Waterfall Garden in Pioneer Square. The beautiful floral makes you forget the cold outside and the roaring of the waterfall drowns out the urban city noise — very peaceful and tranquil.

And the Danny Woo Children’s Garden in the International District. (Chinatown)

The amazing views of the city and mountains from the garden.

But the best discovery of all was — what a talented, interesting and fun group of people my fellow bloggers are. 😀


Spring Into Bed – Building a Community Food System

On occasion, I enjoy volunteering my photography skills for non-profit organizations. Last week, I had the pleasure of being a part of an organization called “Spring Into Bed”.  The purpose of the organization is to build a local food system based on self-sufficiency, local resilience and environmentally sound food production.

What a beautiful day it was for the event… the weather couldn’t have been better. Mostly, it was amazing to see such a diverse group of people coming together, giving freely to help the community.

Talk about team work… it was great to see a group of young people working together.

The event definitely made me feel better about this crazy world we are living in… there just might be hope yet.