Road to Recovery

The surgery was a success! And I am doing as well as can be expected. The doctor was able to remove all the tumor, plus only the right thyroid. So far, it looks like the left thyroid is working well and I don’t have to take thyroid medication for the rest of my life. For someone who doesn’t even like to take aspirin, I think I have received enough drugs during this ordeal to last me a lifetime — morphine is definitely not something I would ever want in my body ever again. Though I still feel a little weak and my memory still seem kind of foggy — the nurse told me I woke up at the end of surgery, complaining of extreme pain and began to cry loudly —  glad I don’t remember that part. But at least the neck pain is now more tolerable without drugs and the incision is healing nicely. It’s also a relief to hear my voice is starting to sound more normal instead of like Marlon Brando in the movie: The Godfather. Overall, I was in very good hands. My doctor and his team of nurses were great. Their professionalism and compassion without doubt, made the whole experience a lot less traumatic for me.

Finally, after a week of drug induced comatose state — I was able to get out and enjoy the rare sunny day yesterday. Here are some shots capturing the end of a beautiful day…

Max and Evie watching sunset.

Even dogs know when to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Thank you everyone for all your supportive comments and prayers on my journey of health. Slowly but surely, I’m on the road to recovery. 😀


Taking a Break

Tomorrow is the big day. Honestly, I am feeling rather anxious and gazillion things are going through my mind. However, I’m sure the doctor will do a good job on removing the tumor and I will finally be able to move forward and resume a normal life — though, not quite sure exactly what that may be but I know it would be nice to get my energy back and feel optimistic about life again.

Doctor’s order: I’ve been told to take it easy for at least a week or so. Looks like, I will not be gallivanting around town or go on any photo walks during my recovery. I’ll be taking a break from posting for at least a week or maybe two — depending on how quickly I heal.

Thank you everyone for your kind thoughts and prayers.  🙂

There’s Light at the End of the Tunnel

Met with the surgeon yesterday and it looks like I’ll be in good hands. While I’m still somewhat anxious about the ordeal, at least it’s good to know there’s light at the end of the tunnel. I’m scheduled to have the surgery in a couple of weeks and after a week of recovery, I should be good as new. Yeah!! Doing the happy dance… 😀

Thank you everyone for your continue prayers and supportive words. I feel very comforted…

Beggars Can’t Be Choosers

Just got back from another doctor’s appointment. Well… looks like I am going to need surgery to remove the egg size tumor from my throat. It doubled in size in six months time. So the doctor felt it would be best to remove it as soon as possible. Since the tumor is growing on my right thyroid, they will only have to remove that side. As far as the doctor can tell, it is still benign. However, if the growth is cancerous — they will have to remove the left thyroid as well —  which means I will have to be on thyroid medications. Ugh… I don’t even believe in taking aspirin. The idea of depending on drugs for the rest of my life scares me more than death. Maybe it’s because of my Buddhism background or perhaps it’s my strong feeling about drug use — I have a great adverse for using modern medicine and the nasty side effects it comes with. And I’m not even going to get into my view about the financial rip offs from the pharmaceutical companies. But… since I want to live — as they say, beggars can’t be choosers. Guess I will find out more tomorrow on what I can or can’t choose.

Thank you everyone for your supportive words and prayers. It means the world to me… 🙂

Another Day, Another Sunset

Well… just got the call I’ve been waiting all weekend. The tumor is benign. It looks like I will get to see many more beautiful sunsets.  Yeah! My heart is doing the happy dance…

Another Day, Another Surprise

Life sure has its surprises… you just never know what you are going to get. Seems like my life is full of challenges lately. I noticed a bump on my throat last week, thinking it was just my neck getting fat from the extra pounds I’ve put on lately. Well… I wish it was a fat deposit. Unfortunately, I found out yesterday that it’s a tumor. From the ultra sound image, it looks like I have a golf ball stuck in the middle of my throat. They were not able to tell me if it’s benign or not. I have an appointment tomorrow with an Endocrinologist and they will do a biopsy to find out. Damn… just when I thought I had things back on track and is looking forward to posting again. Now, I am up against another challenge. This isn’t exactly the new path I was looking to travel but I guess… I’ll take it one step at a time. 

The Tumor in Me

This tumor in me;
A growth I can’t see.
It grows at a rate
I can’t State.
Not sure how to proceed
With my heavy feet.
I feel defeat.
Guess I’ll just have to
Take a leap.