Being At The Right Place At The Right Time

The weather on Saturday was a repeat of last weekend — mostly cloudy, with more chance of rain than sun. At first we thought about going back to the Big Four Ice Caves — but when I saw the name Monte Cristo on the map, not far from Big Four, the name sounds like it might be an adventurous place to explore. It reminded me the book I’ve read long ago: The Count of Monte Cristo by Alexandre Dumas. Except we didn’t know this Monte Cristo was a popular gold and silver mining town during the 1890’s. Had I known that, perhaps I wouldn’t have spent so much time shooting along the way. The mining town was about an eight mile hike — round trip. We were probably about a mile and half away from the mine, when we decided to turn back. The sun was setting and since we were way out in the wilderness, it wasn’t safe to hike in the dark on the rugged mountain trails.

But then again, if I had rushed the hike to get to the mining town before dark, I would have missed these photo opportunities. During the hike through the trails, the sun was playing hide and seek. I love looking at the sun rays shining through the forests and the wonderful light it casts on everything.

It was amazing to see the bright and dark contrasting colors as we headed deeper into the wilderness. And then the most breathtaking light I’ve ever seen… a rainbow. But it wasn’t your ordinary rainbow. It was a circular shape. While I have seen some beautiful rainbows in my life but never have I ever seen one that is a complete circle. The subtle rainbow colors were absolutely gorgeous. I was in complete awe of its beauty. I knew I have witnessed a magical moment that I probably won’t get to see again… this is one of those “Being at the right place, at the right time” kind of moment. The rainbow lasted only a few minutes but for me it was enough for a life time. šŸ˜€


Summer Has Arrived

Finally… summer has arrived — even if only for a week. Looks like a beautiful sunny weekend for a road trip. Not sure where… but I don’t care. I’ll let my internal GPS be the guide. Have a nice weekend everyone! šŸ˜€


Whew! What a week I had. As you probably noticed from my posts, I was struggling to findĀ inspiration and staying on task. I wanted to blame it on the rainy weatherĀ but realized it was a different kind of rain I was experiencing. The kind of rain that most people have experienced at one time or another; for some, more often than not. I called this the self-doubt… the fear of failure kind of rain. Am I just wasting my time? Maybe I should just go get a regular job… blah… blah… blah… I hear the usual self sabotaging excuses on why I shouldn’t continue with what I am doing. As always after some soul search, I chose to work through it… fears and all, because I know this time will pass and the sun will shine through again. As I listened to Barry Manilow sing “I made it through the rain…” Yes, I do like to listen to some of his songs.Ā  Hmm… I never understand why so many people seem to dislike his music so much. When ever I mentioned his name, I get negative remarks about him. I guess he is just one of those misunderstood, under appreciatedĀ artists… you know like Van Gogh. No one appreciated his work until after his death.

Anyway, I saw these wine at Trader Joe’s yesterday… thought it would be a good way to end my work week. Have a fantastic weekend everyone…

2009 Project Happiness Chardonnay

2007 Project Happiness Syrah