Where the Heck Is Spring?

One thing about owning a restaurant… I get to meet a lot of people, share cooking tips, gossips, and get up to date weather report. The other day when someone told me that we were going to get snow, I didn’t want to believe it. After all, it was 70 degrees and sunny outside. Besides, I’m eagerly awaiting for the cactus flowers to bloom. I’ve never seen cactus blooms in the wild and there are quite a few cactus bushes around my wilderness backyard with buds — ready to bloom in a couple of weeks. Well… one thing I am learning about the weather report here… they are very accurate. I woke up yesterday to snow — as they have predicted.

Great… I thought… just what I need when I am trying to get my restaurant going. Anyway, I took the opportunity to use my camera. As I was shooting, the sun came out. I’ve never been in a snow situation where it’s snowing and sunny at the same time. And the thought of perhaps seeing a rainbow came to my mind. I wasn’t sure if snow works the same way as rain and would create a rainbow. Maybe they taught this in my science class and I was daydreaming… which I did a lot when I was in school. Well… I looked and didn’t see any rainbow. But it was still a very pretty experience.


Winter Wonderland

Saturday was the first snowfall of the season and it has been snowing intermittently since. From the weather forecast, it looks like there will be a big snowstorm tomorrow. They are forecasting 4 to 6 inches. Yes, I know… for a lot of places — these measurements would be considered more like flurries than a storm. However here in the Pacific Northwest, anything over a few inches and they call it a storm. We don’t get snow here very often except up in the mountains — so having snow a few days straight is not a common sight. Unfortunately, this also means a lot of people are terrible drivers in snow. On the news, I saw Metro buses and cars sliding down hills, slamming into each other. It doesn’t take much snow for the roads to become chaotic. So I hope the snow doesn’t stay around too long. In the mean time, I’m glad to have snow. It’s definitely better than rain.  At least I can finally go outside with my camera. I took these photos late today. The sun came out long enough to cast a nice glow on the snow-covered landscape around my neighborhood. These shots were taken at the golf course field. It’s amazing to see the transformation a little snow can make.  It transformed the golf course into a winter wonderland. 🙂

Out And About

After weeks of rainy weather, we finally got a break yesterday — what a gorgeous sunny day. We took advantage of it and went on a road trip with our restless furry kids. Without a specific destination in mind, we decided to take the Interstate 90 — also known as the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State. It’s a very beautiful scenic drive that cuts through the Cascade Mountains. The Interstate 90 eventually ends somewhere in the State of Massachusetts.

After about 45 minutes drive, we ended up at Snoqualmie Pass Summit Ski Lodge.

The furry kids went nuts over the snow, especially Evie. It was fun watching her hop around like a snow bunny in the deep snow.

She had so much fun that when it was time to go; she refused to get in the car and had to be carried. Hmm… sure reminds me of when my boys were little kids.

November Snow

Woke up this morning to a rare sight… snow-covered landscape. This is something we don’t get to see often in the Pacific Northwest. And unfortunately, it also means people around here doesn’t function well in the snow — most of the schools are closed today and the roads are quiet — I know… you would think we had a blizzard instead of only a couple of inches. But that’s all it takes to paralyze the city.

As much as I dislike the cold and snow; I decided to brave the cold this morning to take advantage of the rare opportunity. I walked around the golf course pond but didn’t find anything interesting to shoot. So, I took some snap shots in front of my house instead…

This is a view of my condo complex. Looks like most people decided to stay home today.

Global Warming… Burr…

In the 20 years of living in the Pacific Northwest, this has to be the earliest snow fall I can remember. I sure hope this isn’t the sign of a snowy winter ahead…

Snow in June

I might be a dog… but even I know when to appreciate the beauty of nature.

Absolutely breathtaking…

Woof! Life is good…