Flight Observation

Just one of those precious carefree days… sitting around… observing… wishing… enjoying one of nature’s wondrous gifts.








A Very Good Week

Just one of those weeks that makes you want to do the “Happy Dance… ”

And shout from the rooftop…

Thank you everyone for your lovely comments. Have a wonderful weekend.  😀

Sun, Surf, and Feathers

The sun came out and the sky — bright blue. Quickly, I grabbed the camera, the restless fury kids, and some day old bread. We drove down to the Mukilteo ferry terminal for some fun… and entertainment.

It’s impossible to keep a golden out of the water. The water was freezing cold but Max didn’t care. He was ready to play.

After putting the furry kids back in the car. I got out the day old bread and set off to shoot some birds. With the bread, I had the birds practically eating  it out of my hand. I spent the next hour throwing out little crumbs and watching them fight for it. I know… not very nice. But hey, I got some good shots. 😉