Love Is Like A Game

Love is like a game
Only the best can win
I am who I am
For I have no name
Let the game begin…


What you see is what you get
If you don’t like what I have to offer
Then don’t make me suffer
For I need to be
Don’t try to control me


Love me for who I am
And not for what you think I can
For this is me
Just let me be

My soul is like a free spirit bird
Wanting to be heard
For I need to sing
So I can be spread my wings
And become an amazing being


You can put me in a cage
And clip my wings
Give me all the pretty things
Whisper sweet nothings
But it would not mean a thing
For my soul can’t sing
I would only be empty…


The Rituals of Fleeting Love

Love at first sight: When the heart flips and do the happy dance.

Create good impression: “I hope she likes my beautiful feathers…”
The thrill of the chase: “Oh I know she is just playing hard to get… I’ll make her want me.”
The joy of honeymoon: “You are absolutely the most beautiful duck in in the pond…” And, “You are my knight in shiny feathers.” They both cooed at each other.
The arrival of responsibility: “Hmm… didn’t know I was going to be an Octomom.”
All work and no play: “Okay, Junior… how many times do I have to tell you… keep your bottom up and don’t splash so much. You just wait until your dad gets home!”“Aww mom… we just want to have a little fun.”

 The honeymoon is over: “I don’t really want to hear about your complains… you used to be fun before the ducklings were born.” He quacked loudly. “Well, maybe if you help me around the nest a little more…” She quacked back.
Roving eyes seeking greener pasture: “How could you… you told me I was the most beautiful duck in the pond?!!” She cried. “Well, she doesn’t nag at me all the time… and she makes me feel important.” He explained defiantly.
Separate ways: “You know what… I think we need to take a break from each other for a while… you can have the nest and the ducklings.” He said. “Oh sure, and you get to run off and have fun.”