And The Rain Returns

Woke up this morning feeling tired. I had a restless sleep from the heavy rain and wind all night. I was really hoping the warm temperature and sunny days would stick around for a while but from the weather forecast, it looks like the grey, rainy, cold days is back — a 15 degrees difference from last weekend. C’est la vie… at least the rain is good for shooting flower photos. Usually, I carry a small spray bottle with me to make water droplets on flowers but I think the rain does a better job.

Here are a few snap shots I took of my neighbor’s irises.



Tears From Heaven

When The Weather Is Bad

Well… at least yesterday’s snow didn’t stick around. I guess I can tolerate the rain and wind better than snow. Anyway, since it’s too wet and cold outside; I decided to use the opportunity to work on my food portfolio. Then I realized with the nasty weather; I’ve been lazy about going to the grocery store. And all I have to work with were a couple of very ripped bananas. I decided to make Banana & Walnut Pancakes. A couple of hours later, I got some pretty interesting shots that I think will work well for my portfolio. Hope you enjoy the pictures and of course the pancakes. If you like bananas, you will love this recipe — which I will post on my Foodie With Camera website.

It’s Raining… It’s Pouring

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment: Illustrate the local weather.

Here is Sarah, singing her rainy day blues.  It’s raining… it’s pouring… my day is boring… I’m stuck inside, playing hide from these two drooling canines. Meow…


Whew! What a week I had. As you probably noticed from my posts, I was struggling to find inspiration and staying on task. I wanted to blame it on the rainy weather but realized it was a different kind of rain I was experiencing. The kind of rain that most people have experienced at one time or another; for some, more often than not. I called this the self-doubt… the fear of failure kind of rain. Am I just wasting my time? Maybe I should just go get a regular job… blah… blah… blah… I hear the usual self sabotaging excuses on why I shouldn’t continue with what I am doing. As always after some soul search, I chose to work through it… fears and all, because I know this time will pass and the sun will shine through again. As I listened to Barry Manilow sing “I made it through the rain…” Yes, I do like to listen to some of his songs.  Hmm… I never understand why so many people seem to dislike his music so much. When ever I mentioned his name, I get negative remarks about him. I guess he is just one of those misunderstood, under appreciated artists… you know like Van Gogh. No one appreciated his work until after his death.

Anyway, I saw these wine at Trader Joe’s yesterday… thought it would be a good way to end my work week. Have a fantastic weekend everyone…

2009 Project Happiness Chardonnay

2007 Project Happiness Syrah