Politics, Religion, & Crazy People

While I do enjoy getting into debate on a lot of different issues and problems in our world; there are a couple of topics I try to avoid: Politics and Religion. From my experience, these are two topics seem to bring out the worst of people when there is a disagreement.

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment was perfect to showcase the church building a few blocks down the street from my house. The assignment: Facades give buildings their public face. Make a photo of a building’s facade today that tells its story.

Well… as you can see from the photos; you know what the story is – a burned church. Unfortunately, it wasn’t because of faulty wiring or the stove accidentally left on… it was ARSON. For whatever reason, the arsonist felt entitled to burn down the church. It’s sad and scary… to see more and more people are using violence and destruction as a solution. This burned down church is a constant reminder the crazy person/people who did this are still roaming out there. 😦