Rule of Thirds

Today’s Daily Shoot assignment is the Rule of Thirds. It is a compositional rule of thumb in visual arts. I have to admit it’s a rule I don’t think about when shooting a photo. When I look through the viewfinder, I compose the image base on what I find appealing. Sometimes, it falls in the rule of thirds and sometimes not; I guess some rules are meant to be broken. Although for today’s assignment, I made the conscious effort to follow the rule…¬† ūüėČ



How Far Can You Spit?

Seeing a photograph is like listening to an old song.¬†It takes you on the journey of your past¬†life experiences —¬†bringing back¬†the best of times and¬†the worst of¬†times.¬†Whenever I see watermelon seeds, it takes me back to the childhood¬†memory of¬†when my siblings and I would have a watermelon seed spitting contest. Ah…¬†the joy of being a kid; when a simple game of spitting can bring so much¬†fun and laughter.

Today’s Daily Shoot gave me the opportunity to reflect on those simple joyful times. ūüôā

The Addicted Photographer

My pursuit for a perfect shot of the bee started because I felt the need to have a nice bee pollinating flower photo for my portfolio; though more likely than not, to satisfy¬†my photographer ego.¬†It seems like everyone else had an amazing bee photo¬†of some kind on their photography blog.¬† ūüėČ Like a kid not wanting to feel left out; I wanted one too… until I got stung. My painful encounter¬†with the bumble bee a couple of weeks ago,¬†taught me a great lesson; be respectful of ALL types of bee, don’t try to be¬†like anyone else and never to photograph¬†bees wearing shorts.¬†I’ve also¬†retired from shooting bees. However, when I saw today’s Daily Shoot assignment; my retirement went out the window.¬† What can I say, I am a photography addict. ūüėĬ† Have a great weekend!¬†¬†And thanks for reading.

(click here to read the bee sting post, The Painful Lesson with Happy Ending.)

Beyond the Waves

When a scene catches my eyes in a distant moment,
Even if the horizon seems to close into the present.
There is always beyond the previous wave,
A strongest sound of mysterious influence;
To persuade my thoughts in a subtle crave
Of a future ocean of wealth and indulgence.

Poem By: Jean-Yves

The Painful Lesson With Happy Ending

I’ve tried for the last few months to get a good shot of a bee¬†and for some reason I just couldn’t seem to get a good photo. A few days ago, I decided to try my luck again and¬†this time I got a really good shot;¬†right on the back of my left leg by the bee. Ouch! Talk about a bruised photographer ego and excruciating pain. The bee sting hurts like my whole leg¬†was on fire.¬† I always thought those fuzzy little bumble bees were docile; guess my ignorance got the best of me.

By the time¬†I got home, my leg¬† started to swell. Great, I thought just my luck that I am sensitive to bee stings. As I was¬†cursing¬†the stupid bee for stinging me and getting upset with myself, I realized maybe the bee was trying to tell me something. Perhaps I was trying to take their pictures for the wrong reason and that’s why I’ve had such difficulty in getting a good shot. I was doing it because it seems like every good photographer should have a least a bee pollinating flower picture in their portfolio, right? As I stared down at my puffy leg with a big bruise on it, I decided I don’t really need a¬† bee pollinating flower picture in my portfolio. So, I thought I would focus on a different kind of flying insect that seems easier to shoot and less dangerous –¬†the dragonflies.¬†It was like a dragonfly convention at the golf course pond yesterday;¬†there were so many different color dragonflies.¬†It was a fun photographing experience. Not that I am¬†glad to get stung, but what a great¬†reward for my painful lesson with the bee. ūüôā

My first time witnessing dragonflies doing the “Wild Thing”. Though, I felt like a voyuer wishing for a longer telephoto lens.

A damesel fly trying to fit in.

Prime Time – Sibling Rivalry

For the last couple of months, I’ve read¬†blogs and seeing impressive images about the 50mm prime lens and its benefits. Well… I finally took the plunge and bought one. So far¬†it’s been ¬†an adjustment using a fixed lens vs. a telephoto lens; habits are hard to change. I find myself moving back and forth, side to side¬†often; feeling¬†like I was doing the square dance. However, I do enjoy the challenge and like to see how far I can push the limit of this lens. The first thing I noticed were the¬†effect the f/1.8 aperture¬† has¬†on the exposure of the photos;¬†though¬†getting¬†a sharp¬†image were not as easy as I thought. Well… you know the old saying, “practice makes perfect…”¬†

I took these pictures of my “furry kids” fighting for their place in the pack.¬† Since the sun was setting, I kept the aperture at f/1.8 and the ISO at 200 for all the shots. From the pictures, it looks like Max is being vicious and rough but actually he was¬†very gentle.Like all sibling relationships; the never-ending fights, ¬†jealousy moments, and attention seeking tricks. Max, being the gentle big brother has put up a lot with little Evie¬†since her arrival a month ago. However, he finally had enough… and decided to put Evie in her place.

“I’m sorry brother… I love you…”Yup! She maybe super cute and get all the attention but I am still the top dog!

Ms. Frisette

Decided to do some B&W today…