The Perfect Cabin

As I sit on the front porch of the cabin I had built long ago with great dedication and sacrifice, I felt a wave of disappointment washing over me… the cabin is no longer perfect. The design of the cabin were old and outdated, the kitchen appliances not very pleasant to use and John Deer is broken so I’m stuck with long weeds growing all over the once soft green grass.

Once again, I find myself at a cross-road like I have faced many times during my journey of self-discovery. What should I do? Which road should I take? Damn! Why does life have to be so difficult… as I waver between my choices, I can see the dark clouds roll majestically over the weed ravaged meadow. It’s like a sign telling me what’s ahead. Sitting alone in the cabin, I gazed around my once perfect oasis and something stirred deep inside me.  The feeling of wanting to make a difference came rushing back. I can hear my inner voice, screaming… you know you can do it… You have what it takes to make this cabin perfect again. Just then, the dark clouds parted and the sun shone brightly.

It was my epiphany moment; I realized being an artist is my lifeblood.  I fell asleep in bed with visions of the perfect cabin sitting on a soft green grassy field dancing in my head…


Another Day, Another Opportunity…

There is something very tranquil about watching a sunset over the water. It calms my soul and reminds me to appreciate my life for what it is. Here is a great poem from a foreign film I watched several years ago. I have it on my desk to remind me how to live in the moment. Although, I have to admit; if how to were easy to do, we would all be rich, happy and skinny.

Speak no more of what happened yesterday.
Don’t worry about what happens tomorrow.
Do not rely on the future or the past.
Seize the moment, do not waste time…

                                    – Anonymous

The Tumor in Me

This tumor in me;
A growth I can’t see.
It grows at a rate
I can’t State.
Not sure how to proceed
With my heavy feet.
I feel defeat.
Guess I’ll just have to
Take a leap.

Living In a Suitcase

 My life as a beggar… 

Go away, I wanted to say… can’t you see I rather play?

Oh well… such as life; another day, another dollar to buy me a bone.

Secret Flower

Fresh sweet rain,
And fertile soil.
Let every secret flower emerge.
Only then, love will grow…
Long after the blooms wilt.

The Photographer and A Spider

In my pursuit of getting that perfect spider web photo, I ended up with a life lesson from a spider. What I learned from my encounter with this spider is to keep trying and don’t give up… but know when to cut your loses even if you have already put in a lot of time.

As I waited for Max to finish his morning rituals, I noticed a perfectly made spider web above the hydrangea bush. In the center of the web was a  spider waiting to catch its breakfast…

Honestly, I don’t like spiders… my first instinct is to squish them if I find them invading my house or other places that are off-limits.  Nevertheless, the beauty of this perfect web captured my attention. Every joint perfectly aligned and evenly spaced… how something so small could create such complex structure? Just the mathematics behind the measurements would baffle a lot of people. I later found out that the spider actually uses its own body as a measuring tool.

A light bulb went off in my head… I ran to get my camera. When I got back, the spider was still waiting patiently for its prey. I reached up and gently touch the web to make some holes.  I was only able to get a couple of shots before the spider quickly pull itself up and away.  As I stood there looking at the broken web, guilt crept into my conscience for a moment. I quickly got rid of the web… thinking the spider wouldn’t be back.

I was wrong. The next morning, another perfectly made web exactly like the one before in the same exact spot and the same spider waiting patiently for its breakfast. I hate to admit it… but I ran to get my camera again and yes, I got a few more shots. When I cleaned up the broken web, I was sure the spider would know better than to pick the same place again.  Well… the next morning… there it was again. Needless to say, this spider intrigued me. I was curious to know what would it take to get this spider to move to a different location. I know… not very nice. All that work…

The next morning… there it was again. Perfect just like the others. Once again I got rid of the web.  However, my guilty conscience finally got the best of me. I decided that would be the last web I demolish. The next morning, I got the answer to my experiment… the spider moved over to my next-door neighbor’s bush. I have to admit… this little spider turned my fears and hate into admiration and respect. Not that I would want to keep them as pets anytime soon… but, at least I won’t look at them as nasty bugs anymore.