Be a Better Photographer: Shoot Your Dog

I love taking photos of my furry kids. Their wonderful personality and silly antics provides me with humorous entertainment but also a challenging opportunity to be a better photographer. Shooting the furry kids has helped me learn how to use the settings on my camera better than any other subjects. Most of the times, it’s a hit or miss kind of situations to get a good shot. Although with patience and treats, there are moments I have captured that are just precious.

Evie and Max playing in the summer snow.

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?


The Rituals of Fleeting Love

Love at first sight: When the heart flips and do the happy dance.

Create good impression: “I hope she likes my beautiful feathers…”
The thrill of the chase: “Oh I know she is just playing hard to get… I’ll make her want me.”
The joy of honeymoon: “You are absolutely the most beautiful duck in in the pond…” And, “You are my knight in shiny feathers.” They both cooed at each other.
The arrival of responsibility: “Hmm… didn’t know I was going to be an Octomom.”
All work and no play: “Okay, Junior… how many times do I have to tell you… keep your bottom up and don’t splash so much. You just wait until your dad gets home!”“Aww mom… we just want to have a little fun.”

 The honeymoon is over: “I don’t really want to hear about your complains… you used to be fun before the ducklings were born.” He quacked loudly. “Well, maybe if you help me around the nest a little more…” She quacked back.
Roving eyes seeking greener pasture: “How could you… you told me I was the most beautiful duck in the pond?!!” She cried. “Well, she doesn’t nag at me all the time… and she makes me feel important.” He explained defiantly.
Separate ways: “You know what… I think we need to take a break from each other for a while… you can have the nest and the ducklings.” He said. “Oh sure, and you get to run off and have fun.”

The Facts of Life

 It’s a fact of life.

Like it or not…

Your destiny is what you make of it.

If you want to avoid the HOT POT…


Have a great weekend… 🙂

The Addicted Photographer

My pursuit for a perfect shot of the bee started because I felt the need to have a nice bee pollinating flower photo for my portfolio; though more likely than not, to satisfy my photographer ego. It seems like everyone else had an amazing bee photo of some kind on their photography blog.  😉 Like a kid not wanting to feel left out; I wanted one too… until I got stung. My painful encounter with the bumble bee a couple of weeks ago, taught me a great lesson; be respectful of ALL types of bee, don’t try to be like anyone else and never to photograph bees wearing shorts. I’ve also retired from shooting bees. However, when I saw today’s Daily Shoot assignment; my retirement went out the window.  What can I say, I am a photography addict. 😀  Have a great weekend!  And thanks for reading.

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