Sun, Surf, and Feathers

The sun came out and the sky — bright blue. Quickly, I grabbed the camera, the restless fury kids, and some day old bread. We drove down to the Mukilteo ferry terminal for some fun… and entertainment.

It’s impossible to keep a golden out of the water. The water was freezing cold but Max didn’t care. He was ready to play.

After putting the furry kids back in the car. I got out the day old bread and set off to shoot some birds. With the bread, I had the birds practically eating  it out of my hand. I spent the next hour throwing out little crumbs and watching them fight for it. I know… not very nice. But hey, I got some good shots. 😉


Out And About

After weeks of rainy weather, we finally got a break yesterday — what a gorgeous sunny day. We took advantage of it and went on a road trip with our restless furry kids. Without a specific destination in mind, we decided to take the Interstate 90 — also known as the Snoqualmie Pass in Washington State. It’s a very beautiful scenic drive that cuts through the Cascade Mountains. The Interstate 90 eventually ends somewhere in the State of Massachusetts.

After about 45 minutes drive, we ended up at Snoqualmie Pass Summit Ski Lodge.

The furry kids went nuts over the snow, especially Evie. It was fun watching her hop around like a snow bunny in the deep snow.

She had so much fun that when it was time to go; she refused to get in the car and had to be carried. Hmm… sure reminds me of when my boys were little kids.

Grandma’s Pride and Joy

Today at the park, I met a lovely grandmother with her two grandchildren. They were having so much fun… I couldn’t resist and asked the grandmother for permission to photograph the kids.

It is truly a great joy watching young children play. The fun… and laughter… living in the moment.