May All Beings Be Happy & Peaceful

May All Beings Be Happy & Peaceful…


Basking In The Sunlight

While I am content to be a woman, there are times in my life that I wish I were born a man. Having the physical ability to travel alone and explore without fear is one of those times. I had plans to post photos from my amazing photography road trip along the Pacific West Coast. From¬†Oregon to California — all the way down to San Francisco and come back through the Sierra Mountains. Unfortunately, I still haven’t found the courage to make the solo trip a reality. For the last few weeks, I’ve been trying to get the courage and every time when I think I should “Just Do It!” the craziness I see from the television, and news about senseless murders make me think twice… three… four times. I’m sure it would have been an amazing trip and I dream about all the different places, people and things I would capture — and the photo projects I could create and sell. I wish I wasn’t so afraid of traveling alone.

So this morning, while feeling disappointed with myself for being such a coward about traveling alone, I started to process the flower pictures I took yesterday. As I stared at the beautiful photos of the flowers basking in the sunlight, I felt a surge of creativity. I decided to make a line of greeting cards and calendars with the photos. Here are some of the images. And maybe, I’ll sell enough that I can hire a bodyguard to go on the photography road trips with me. ūüėČ

Wishing everyone a wonderful weekend. ūüôā

Wordless Wednesday

Slowly But Surely

Finally, after more than 30 days of consecutive rainy weather —¬†we had a sunny day last Friday. Took the opportunity to go on a photo walk¬†at the¬†yearly Skagit Valley tulip festival where you can see millions of colorful variety of tulips in bloom. Even though it has been a slow blooming year due to the cold —¬†judging from these blooming tulips,¬†slowly but surely… spring has finally sprung.