Photographers Make Lousy Companions

On the way home from our recent road trip to the Big Four Ice Caves, Jean Yves told me he felt alone and neglected. Even though we go on the road trips together but when we arrive at our destination, he always end up having to babysit the furry kids and I’m usually off somewhere else with my camera. I know… I have to admit he’s right. And I have to say he has been quite supportive about my photography addiction and never really complain much… I do spend most of the time exploring on my own with the camera when we are out and about. While I do try to make time to be with him and the furry kids — oftentimes, the addiction to my camera is just too overpowering. It’s so hard for me to not to see something I want to photograph. And yet, it’s difficult for me to concentrate when he waits for me. I do my best work when I’m alone.

As always, we started out walking together and then… as soon as we got to the pond, I took out the tripod. Knowing the routine, Jean Yves and the furry kids went on ahead to see the ice caves. I told him I would take a few pictures and then catch up with them. Of course… as usual… easier said then done. It took me over an hour to walk the short 1 mile trail to the ice caves.  There were so many beautiful and interesting things beckon me to photograph them:

Thick rainforest filled with tall, moss covered trees.

Tiny mushrooms with interesting textures, details and colors.

Cloud covered mountain peaks with water falls.

Finally when I made it to the ice caves, we did explore the area and enjoyed the beautiful scenery together.

I had the intention of walking back with them but… the views going back looks different. With out a word, Jean Yves and the furry kids — once again, headed off with me trailing behind.

YES!  I admit, I make a lousy companion when I have my camera with me. But… I have a feeling I am not alone in this predicament with our domestic partner. 😉


I feel Old But Proud

While there were many challenges in being a single parent, the most difficult challenge was being separated from my son. When Kyle was 10 years old, he chose to live with his dad in Arizona. I saw him as often as I could but given the cost and my constant struggle to make ends meet, it wasn’t as frequently as I would have liked. Needless to say, every time when Kyle visited me, he grew older and taller — yet my memories of him remained at age 10 and I find myself having to readjust my thoughts and behavior according to his age with every visit.

Over the weekend, I got a visit from Kyle and his dad. They were coming back from their gold seeking adventure in Nome, Alaska. It has been almost two years since I last saw Kyle and this time he changed even more. The last time I saw him, he was an awkward teenager. This time, I almost didn’t recognize him. Kyle has grown into a confident, handsome looking young man. I can’t believe that he is already sixteen.

Where did the time go? Seems like it was only yesterday that I brought him home from the hospital — so cute and chubby.

We had a great visit though very short. Seeing my baby all grown up definitely made me feel old but I’m very proud that he is turning into such a remarkable young man.

As I watch Kyle drove away, I felt the same old familiar pain in my heart and wish he would stay. There is so much I wanted to say without the distance being in the way…

Spring Into Bed – Building a Community Food System

On occasion, I enjoy volunteering my photography skills for non-profit organizations. Last week, I had the pleasure of being a part of an organization called “Spring Into Bed”.  The purpose of the organization is to build a local food system based on self-sufficiency, local resilience and environmentally sound food production.

What a beautiful day it was for the event… the weather couldn’t have been better. Mostly, it was amazing to see such a diverse group of people coming together, giving freely to help the community.

Talk about team work… it was great to see a group of young people working together.

The event definitely made me feel better about this crazy world we are living in… there just might be hope yet.