Furry Portraits

Here are some furry portraits from our outing at the Marymoor dog park. It was very interesting to sit and observe the expressions from all the different dogs. If only we could tell what they were thinking —  then again, maybe not. I’m sure they probably think we humans are a strange breed.

The first two furry kids belong to me, Maximus and Ms. Evie.

Maximus the wonder dog. A loyal companion who understands over 60 commands and words, love to play sports, and will  wipe his paws before entering the house.

Ms. Evie, the designer dog. She is a foodie consultant who loves to taste test all types of cuisine. And knows how to beg  get what she wants with her sad puppy eyes.

Here is another designer dog, the Golden-doodle (a combination of a golden retriever and a poodle) with the best looking hairdo prize.

Doodles and Poos…

Goldendoodles… Peekapoos. Used to be when a puppy is made of two different pure breed dogs, it’s called a “Mutt” and is usually given away free. These days, they’re called designer dogs and come with a designer price. I accidentally stumbled into this designer dog world when a stray found her way to our home a month ago. She was a cute little thing no more than 10 pounds. I never had much interest in little dogs; to me, they were just yappy little annoying fur balls for older people. Well, Ms. Frisette changed my mind in the two short weeks she was with us. When her owner took her away, I felt a piece of my heart went with her. Maybe it was the over abundance of love and affection she gave freely or perhaps, I am getting old?? Well… I like to think it was the over abundance of love and affection. I discovered she was more than just a mutt; she’s a Peekapoo. Basically, she is a cross between a Pekingese and a toy poodle.

After checking the Internet for her breed, I came across an amazing array of other types of designer/hybrid dogs I didn’t know existed. To make a long story short… we brought home a designer puppy last week.

Introducing… Evie, a 10 weeks old Lhasa Poo. She is a cross between a Lhasa Apso and a Poodle.  What an amazing little pup she is… and so brave. I thought she would be afraid of Max because of his size but as you will see here in this video. she isn’t afraid to pick on someone not her own size.

Ms. Evie