The Dangers of Snow in July

With the weather being colder than normal all summer, the snow up at the Mt. Baker Ski and recreation area didn’t melt away like it should at this time of the year. The road to Artist Point was still closed. From my estimation, the road was covered under at least 20 feet of snow. Well, I thought… at least we don’t have to worry about bears that normally would be out eating wild berries. From the looks of the area, a lot of the vegetation were still covered under snow.

I later found out it wasn’t the danger of bears I should worry about — it was shooting in the snow on a bright sunny day that was dangerous. For those of you who’s not aware of it — you can get sunburn in your eyes. I didn’t know until a few hours after I got home and all of a sudden, I felt this excruciating pain in my right eye. At first I didn’t know why only my right eye hurt so bad, then I realized it was because I had used that eye to look through the viewfinder on the camera all day. And every time I took a shot, my eye got a concentrated dose of the sun rays; add that with the bright reflection from the snow, it’s no wonder I burned my eyes.

I thank my lucky stars that my ignorance didn’t do more damage to the eye than having to endured four days of pain and suffering. And I was also glad this guy didn’t break his neck while sliding down the steep mountain side on an air mattress. Although, I wish I had used the video on my camera instead… it would have been a hit on YouTube.

Have a great weekend everyone and please remember to protect your eyes from the sun, especially when you are shooting with your camera.