Creative Reflections in The Pond

Finally there was a break from the rainy weather yesterday. I wished for the sun but after days of gray, rainy weather; I was very happy to settled for a cloudy day. At least I can get out and shoot some fall colors. We took a road trip to Big Four mountain or also known as Big Four Ice Caves. I have never been there before so I was excited by the prospect of taking pictures of ice caves. The trip was short. It took about an hour to get there from my house. As I stood in front of the majestic looking mountain peaks, I felt very grateful to be able to experience such beauty.

The elevation of the mountain is about 6,135 ft (1,870 m) and the ice caves are easily accessible with a short hike through the dense forest on a very well maintained trail.

On the way to the ice caves, I came a cross a nice little pond with the mountain reflection. I took a few shots. Unfortunately, the clouds were thick so the lighting condition wasn’t the best for getting the bright fall colors I was looking for.

I didn’t like the dark clouds in the water. And decided to zoom in and use longer exposure to brighten the water.

The result was better but overall, I still find the scene rather boring looking. So… I zoom in some more… all the way up to the maximum of the lens — which is 250mm. And when I looked into the view finder — something clicked in my creative brain. I was very excited by what I saw.  The reflections from the vegetation and tree branches created an amazing array of colors, textures, and details. I knew this was the kind of shots that would get my creativity working.

As I was busy composing, I saw a trout jumped out of the water causing ripples to form. Unfortunately, I wasn’t quick enough to shoot the fish jumping but very glad the ripples changed the stillness of the water. I love the painterly feel the ripples created.

It took me over an hour to make the 1 mile hike to the ice caves. Hey… there were a lot of distractions along the way. And yes, I did take photos of the ice caves — but since it was too dangerous to go into the caves — the photos from the outside wasn’t too impressive. A black hole covered with dirty snow is about as attractive as the yellow snow. 😉

Life have a way of creating opportunities when you least expect it. I certainly enjoyed the creative reflections in the pond. 🙂