Cloudy Opportunity

It was late in the afternoon when I finished my errands. As I was heading home, I noticed the sunlight burst through the unique looking cloud formations across the sky. There were patches of blue sky covered by tall, ominous looking dark clouds — ready to release the rainstorm — and at the same time; intermingle with fluffy white clouds. I decided to take the furry kids to the beach where they can get rid of their pent-up energy and I was sure with clouds like that, the sunset would be absolutely amazing for a good photo shoot. Lucky me, I live only about five miles from the beach.

When we got to the beach, I let the furry kids play and do their usual stuff. Evie likes to run around and dig in the sand like a mad dog. She also enjoys chasing seagulls.

Max… he only has one thing mind — he runs straight into the frigid water ready to play fetch. Speaking of frigid, the bay water is very cold. It doesn’t get past 50 degrees even in the summer. Last month, I had to wade into the freezing sea, up to my chest to rescue Max because I thought he was snare by the giant sea kelp forest. But that’s another story…

As the sun began to set, the sky and clouds morphed into spectacular colors and shapes.

Everything took on a reddish, golden hue.

Even though the temperature was cold, it warmed my heart and soul to enjoy such an amazing cloudy opportunity. 🙂


Heaven and Earth

Faith sees the invisible,
Believes the incredible
And receives the impossible
– Anonymous

It’s About The Destination and Not The Journey

“It’s not about the destination, it’s about the journey…” I have thought about this well known quote many times in my life. And while this statement may sound like a noble wisdom to follow — from experience, there are times in life; I wouldn’t mind skipping the journey and just get right to the destination. 😀

For Evie and Max, it’s always about the destination and not the journey.

And I’m certain these migrating birds are eager to get to their destination…

Fire In The Sea

Another Day In Paradise


Sun, Surf, and Feathers

The sun came out and the sky — bright blue. Quickly, I grabbed the camera, the restless fury kids, and some day old bread. We drove down to the Mukilteo ferry terminal for some fun… and entertainment.

It’s impossible to keep a golden out of the water. The water was freezing cold but Max didn’t care. He was ready to play.

After putting the furry kids back in the car. I got out the day old bread and set off to shoot some birds. With the bread, I had the birds practically eating  it out of my hand. I spent the next hour throwing out little crumbs and watching them fight for it. I know… not very nice. But hey, I got some good shots. 😉

Imagine This

Stare at the images for a minute and close your eyes; listen for the sound of the crashing waves and see the colors with your imagination…

Another Day, Another Opportunity…

There is something very tranquil about watching a sunset over the water. It calms my soul and reminds me to appreciate my life for what it is. Here is a great poem from a foreign film I watched several years ago. I have it on my desk to remind me how to live in the moment. Although, I have to admit; if how to were easy to do, we would all be rich, happy and skinny.

Speak no more of what happened yesterday.
Don’t worry about what happens tomorrow.
Do not rely on the future or the past.
Seize the moment, do not waste time…

                                    – Anonymous