Wherever The Wind Takes Me

A gust of wind came And took me on a whirlwind Seeking excitement and fun Until it’s gone Now I’m stuck here Hanging on for dear Wasting on borrow time Without a dime Hoping for the next wind To do over again Advertisements

A Bump In The Road

Looks like I hit another bump In this long and winding road The view is still ugly And not very friendly I am so tired I’ve lost all desire Wishing for my destination So I can see salvation Guess this is a sign I need to pull aside And take a good look At the mistakes I took I have fought for my share…

Life is Good…

My life is a dream It’s not as bad as it seem Though most would not agree I can be happy I hide in shame with No one to blame Life is a cruel game This hump I carry Is a pain in the neck It’s difficult to look back With a face not worthy Of a mother’s love I belong to a lonely…

September Rain

Autumn has arrived I’m still waiting For the summer ride It came too soon I didn’t get to bloom

Beyond the Waves

When a scene catches my eyes in a distant moment, Even if the horizon seems to close into the present. There is always beyond the previous wave, A strongest sound of mysterious influence; To persuade my thoughts in a subtle crave Of a future ocean of wealth and indulgence. Poem By: Jean-Yves

The Terrible Twos

Look at me; I’m so sweet. My name is Evie. With a face anyone could love. I fit in your heart like a glove. Evie… no chew. Evie… no bite. And… just no. These are the words I hear. But I don’t care. I want to have fun Before my youth is gone.   

Home Sweet Home

I live alone In this cramped little home. Don’t feel sorry for me, It’s all the space I need. I come and go whenever I please It’s nice to travel with ease. I don’t have to worry Or say I’m sorry. My home is free. No one can take it from me.