Living On The Edge

Standing strong and tall
Your beauty is eternal.
Surrounded by abundance and peace
Yet choosing to live on the edge,
Exposed to the perils of life,
For it cuts you like a knife.

Reaching out selflessly
Your strength is admirable,
And your courage is contagious.
For you know the storm will pass,
And the sun will shine again
Through the darkness…

A Bump In The Road

Looks like I hit another bump
In this long and winding road
The view is still ugly
And not very friendly

I am so tired
I’ve lost all desire
Wishing for my destination
So I can see salvation

Guess this is a sign
I need to pull aside
And take a good look
At the mistakes I took

I have fought for my share
It’s only fair I ignore the stare
And follow my heart
To continue where I start

Not sure how to proceed
Though I do believe
With certainty
My heart will lead the way
To better days

Life is Good…

My life is a dream
It’s not as bad as it seem
Though most would not agree
I can be happy

I hide in shame with
No one to blame
Life is a cruel game

This hump I carry
Is a pain in the neck
It’s difficult to look back

With a face not worthy
Of a mother’s love
I belong to a lonely club

But life is good
As it should
 I am free
To come and go
As I please
No one can control me

Beyond the Waves

When a scene catches my eyes in a distant moment,
Even if the horizon seems to close into the present.
There is always beyond the previous wave,
A strongest sound of mysterious influence;
To persuade my thoughts in a subtle crave
Of a future ocean of wealth and indulgence.

Poem By: Jean-Yves

The Terrible Twos

Look at me;
I’m so sweet.
My name is Evie.
With a face anyone could love.
I fit in your heart like a glove.
Evie… no chew.
Evie… no bite.
And… just no.
These are the words I hear.
But I don’t care.
I want to have fun
Before my youth is gone.


Home Sweet Home

I live alone
In this cramped little home.
Don’t feel sorry for me,
It’s all the space I need.
I come and go whenever I please
It’s nice to travel with ease.

I don’t have to worry
Or say I’m sorry.
My home is free.
No one can take it from me.