I Finally Conquered My Nemesis

I have tried for so long to capture a good clear shot of the bee on a flower. The only time I was able to get a sharp focus of a bee was — a half-dead bee that got caught in the rain. Something about shooting a lifeless bee with slump looking wings didn’t seem like a fair challenge. However after shooting over a hundred blurry shots and getting stung a couple of times, I thought about giving up on having a bee pollinating flower photo for my portfolio but… every time when I see the bees, my inner photographer voice would challenge me to shoot them. Perhaps it’s my tenacious personality or the fact that I didn’t want to let a little insect get the best of me — it doesn’t really matter — I knew if I shoot enough times, sooner or later I’ll get it right. I’m happy to say my persistence paid off. During my walk at a local community garden today, I finally conquered my nemesis!  🙂