Spring Is Finally Here…

In my eagerness to embark on my new journey of self-sufficiency on living off the land, last week’s warm sunny days tricked me into thinking the last frost finally passed. Unfortunately, I was wrong and my hundreds of vegetable seedlings were met with frosty demise when they were transplanted to the garden. After feeling guilty for being a plant killer, I learned my valuable lesson for being impatient with mother nature; in nature, everything has its own timeline.
DSC_9661Today, it looks like Spring is finally here. But just to be safe, I will wait until next week to replant the vegetable garden. In the mean time, I took a walk through my backyard forest to see what native plants are growing.
DSC_9713I discovered: Indian Plum tree seedling. The plums are very tiny and not edible. The birds love them.

A Field of False-Lily-of-the-Valley. It looks like it might flower next week.
DSC_9774Western Trillium, also known as Wake-Robin.
DSC_9768Bleeding Heart.
DSC_9744Some kind of fern… Lady Fern?

Salmon Berry Blossom. It’s really pretty but unfortunately, the berry isn’t very tasty.
DSC_9724DSC_9709Vine Maple Tree Seedling
DSC_9786Big Leaf Maple Seedling
DSC_9719Northern view of my backyard.
Wishing everyone healthy and safe during this challenging time in our world…

5 thoughts on “Spring Is Finally Here…

  1. Beautiful pictures, Emily – I wish you luck on your quest for self-sufficiency! One thing’s for sure, everything you grow will taste nicer than it does from the supermarket! 🙂

    1. Thank you, Adrian. Yes, I can’t wait to eat out of my own garden. I was able to grow some last season and the taste was amazing. This year I have a 15×20 greenhouse to grow heat loving vegetables and fruits and a 20×30 bunny proofed garden for regular vegetables and herbs. Last season, the bunnies ate all my leafy greens and berries so hopefully, it won’t be so bad this year. And if all goes well, hopefully I will have baby chicks hatching in a couple of weeks. Slowly, but surely… the farm is starting to come together. Stay healthy and safe, my friend. 🙂

    1. Interesting… thanks for the weather report. Sounds like you have the same kind of weather we have here in the fall. I have never been there, but always thought the weather in New Zealand would be sunny, warm and bright like in Hawaii.

      1. It can be, but only for about six weeks in January & February. There’s no snow here in Auckland, this far north, but from late autumn through early spring it’s usually chilly with frequent overcast skies, quite a bit of rain (we still need much more), and persistent winds. But we dress for it, of course, If travel restrictions don’t ease up, this will be the first full winter we will have spent here.

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