Waiting for the Last Frost…

I woke up this morning to another beautiful sunny day. That’s three days straight and according to the weather report, it’s going to be sunny until Friday — then the rain returns. Oh well… the joy of living in the Pacific Northwest. I’m fine with the rain but right now I’m anxiously waiting for the last frost to be over so I can start my new farming venture.


After months of cold, rainy, gray sky weather — the mild temperature tricked the plants into believing spring is here.  Unfortunately with sunny days, the temperature can still dip below freezing at night. Hopefully, the frosty nights will not damaged the tender new growths too much.


11 thoughts on “Waiting for the Last Frost…

  1. Beautiful images, Emily, love the backlighting >>> and good luck with your self-sufficiency venture! I’m not sure about butchering either >>> although when I was a little boy, my father was a butcher, and my Saturday morning play place was the abattoir! Adrian

    1. The weather last week was great! Sunny all week, which is rare around this time of the year. I enjoy shooting using the sun for back-lighting… though from a painful experience, I have to remember not to sunburn my eyes looking through the viewfinder.

      I remember when I was little, it didn’t bother me to see my grandma butchering the chickens. I thought it was a normal thing to do. Perhaps, I will find the courage someday… like when the world have gone totally crazy and there’s a real shortage of food… and I have to do it for survival… 😉

      1. So far, yes, but things are getting crazy–albeit nowhere near so crazy as in other places we read about. Extreme caution and intelligent, carefully-weighed decisions are the watchwords of the day.

    1. Hi Roberta! Good to see you. I’m doing well… been busy trying to get the farm up and running. I’m very excited about my new venture. My goal is to live completely self-sufficient off the land… though, I’m still not sure about raising and eating live farm animals. Buying it from the store is on thing, but to raise it and butcher… that’s going to be a challenge. For now, I’ll be starting with fruits, vegetables, bees, and some poultry for eggs.

      1. Sounds super neat.. I used to read Mother Earth News a long time ago. If you have questions about Bee’s my husband Paul is pretty knowledgeable.. I’d have a hard time with the butchering too. But you can stay healthy with veggies and fruit.. and incorporate grains and legumes.. Check out Ginny Sheller.. I am not sure if they totally live off the land, but very inspirational. They have sheep and she shears and dies the wool and knits.. I think she sells at etsy. If I see or think of anyone that does, I will send info your way..

        1. Thank you for the helpful information, Roberta. Do you have bees? I’ve been reading a lot of Mother Earth and Hobby Farm magazines. They have been great resources for me. The butchering part will be the biggest challenge that’s for sure. I was in tears and filled with guilt for weeks when I accidentally killed a rabbit last summer. Maybe later when I get the courage… but for now, I just want to deal with non-violent farming. My first few projects will be growing vegetable and plants, raising bees, hatching chickens and quails to sell their eggs. In a couple of years, I would like to have maybe a few sheep and goats.. for wool and milk to make products with only. 🙂

          1. Great goals Emily.. While here in Oregon we had bees for almost three years, but my husband had previous experience from working with a bee keeper in California. I learned to grow fond of them and not to fear them and I got quite protective of them when yellow jackets tried to bug them.. They can destroy a colony. Because we were relocating we had to say bye to them. We were able to sell them to a high school that had a Bee Keeping class. We can all do our part to contribute to their well being..

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