From My Garden…

My first garden in decades… it’s so nice to finally have a space where I can grow something pretty, so I can sit and drink my coffee every morning; listening to the beautiful melodies from happy birds and watch the bumble bees dance from flower to flower… filling my heart with joy.

_DSC4803-2_DSC4803_DSC4783 _DSC4785 _DSC4788  _DSC4792    _DSC4808_DSC4802

7 thoughts on “From My Garden…

  1. Hi Emily – long time! Love these pictures, especially the top two and the one at the end.

    I echo Mother Hen’s thought – good to know you have somewhere to be calm and relax. I hope you’re fine – is your leg completely healed now? I’m fine. Adrian 🙂

    1. Hi Adrian, yes, it has been a long time. Sorry, I’ve been so out of touch. I’m doing much better than I have in a long time. I feel like I finally have both of my feet grounded — in a good way. I’ve been working and learning at my new job as a counselor for a mental health facility.

      The garden definitely helps bring me the peace and calm I need from the stress and sadness of my job. There are so many broken people in this world needing help… the beds never stay empty. I really enjoy my new job of helping people find hope who are hopeless… and I get to use my creative artistic ability to do it. Finally, I get to put my $30,000 art degree to good use. Seriously though, it’s good to do something positive and make an honest living. Looking back my life and all the events happened to me, I know I was fated for this job.

      My leg has healed — though, I will always have some pain, especially when the weather changes. I’m glad to hear you are doing fine. Thank you Adrian for your concern and friendship… 🙂

    1. I thought the same thing as you too when I first saw it. It stood out from the others for being one of a kind. I bought a variety pack of seeds and it was the only plant that has that kind of bloom.

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