Life Of The Rodeo Horse



9 Comments on “Life Of The Rodeo Horse

    • Thank you for the wonderful compliment, K. I wish I could ride a horse too… my dream ride would definitely be along the ocean beaches.

    • Hi Pnwcoundtrygirl! These shots were taken in Prescott, Arizona at their yearly rodeo show. Supposedly, it is the oldest rodeo in the world. Thank you for the visit and nice compliment. 🙂

  1. Love, love, love these Emily! I heart horses..but rather see some running free forever…or at lease well taken care of…

    • Though I’ve never really ridden on a horse (unless you count the few times at the county fairs), I love horses. They are beautiful and very photogenic.

      I’m sure they would rather be roaming free across the plains. It was sad to see these rodeo horses tied up with flies swarming and pestering them. But, from what I was told; these rodeo horses are very well taken care of in order to perform and win at the events.

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