WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

Here is my interpretation of this week’s WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth. Nothing like a slab of BBQ ribs grilled on an open fire to make your stomach feel warm and fuzzy…

Flaming RibsThe Secret SauceFlaming Ribs



8 Comments on “WP Weekly Photo Challenge: Warmth

    • Interesting that you’ve never eaten BBQ ribs… I’m really surprised since BBQ is so popular — but then again, I suppose that every country has their own favorite cuisine. So is it just you not into BBQ ribs or is it just not very popular dish in England? I know when I lived in Montreal, the poutine was a very popular dish and yet, I never cared for more after the first bite.

      • Oh yes, ribs are popular here, and no doubt BBQ ribs too, I guess its just me not eating ribs; and I’m not at all vegetarian – I love steaks, and steak and kidney pies too! – but ribs are just something I’ve never thought about. I hope you’re doing well, Em. Adrian

    • Great! Good to know I might be able to entice you for an early visit. I’ll have my BBQ grill ready and waiting… 🙂

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