A Bump In The Road

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Looks like I hit another bump
In this long and winding road
The view is still ugly
And not very friendly

I am so tired
I’ve lost all desire
Wishing for my destination
So I can see salvation

Guess this is a sign
I need to pull aside
And take a good look
At the mistakes I took

I have fought for my share
It’s only fair I ignore the stare
And follow my heart
To continue where I start

Not sure how to proceed
Though I do believe
With certainty
My heart will lead the way
To better days

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9 Comments on “A Bump In The Road

  1. Definitely keep believing that your days ahead will be better. Sometimes it’s hard to see the light when you’re in darkness. Keep believing it will get better.

  2. Emily, I’m sad to read your words, and to think of you so much down. I hope your injury heals well and soon. Drop me an email if you like. I hope your Christmas and New Years go as well as they can! Adrian

    • Sorry for the downer post, Adrian. For the most part, I am staying optimistic and feel grateful… guess I was caught in a weak moment when I made the post. Although, the post is actually uplifting for me because the words remind me to stay strong and be patient because the bump will smooth over and there will be better days ahead… thanks friend for your comfort from across the miles. 🙂

  3. You certainly have had your share of bumps in the road. With the New Year approaching, I hope that the road of life smooths out for you. I can relate to your broken ankle, I have had mine broken not once but three times…once on the first day of a three week trip in Italy. At least you have a boot, they are much better than a heavy cast up to your knee like on that trip. I also had to learn to use what they call “polio crutches” on the cobbled and hilly streets of Italy. I went up and down the stairs on my rear end like you as well. Please continue to be brave and keep looking for those rainbows. Wishing you all the best. 🙂

    • Ouch!! And I thought breaking my ankle on the first day of a seven day trip was devastating. Broken ankle on the first day of a three week vacation??! Thanks, Karen, you certainly help me see that things could have been worse. Yes, it does seem like I had chosen a very bumpy road to travel on. But from experience, I believe that most events in life — good or bad — are here for me to learn and grow. When all said and done, I’m grateful that my accident was able to show me the truth and kept me from making a bigger mistake. Thank you Karen, for reminding me there’s always a chance for rainbow on rainy days. 🙂

  4. Ah, Emily, you don’t need any more bumps in your road. I’m still regretting that I never had the chance to enjoy a meal in your restaurant. I truly wish you better times and wishes granted during the holidays and in the new year.

    • So good to see you, Gary. Thank you for your kind and supportive words. I know this bump will smooth out eventuality. Seems ironic but I believe it’s bumpy times like this that help keep me on the right path. I wish you had had the opportunity to taste my cooking too.. Perhaps, if you ever get to Seattle, it would be a pleasure for me to cook for you. 🙂

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