Happy Thanksgiving… it’s okay if you can’t feel thankful at the moment…

Once again, another Thanksgiving is here. For those of us who celebrate this occasion, we are reminded to be thankful, to be grateful —  while given the excuse to overindulged on a traditional feast with family and friends. But what if you are all alone and without the family and friends, and your cupboard is as empty as Mother Hubbard’s? You are told you should still be grateful because things could be worse… so on this Thankful Day, as I struggle to find things to be grateful; this photo I took last month reminds me that while I know I have a lot to be thankful for but it’s okay if I can’t feel thankful at the moment… I know the dark days will work its way through and I won’t always be singing the blues — because there’s always a chance for beautiful rainbow on rainy days.

Some Where Over the Rainbow

13 thoughts on “Happy Thanksgiving… it’s okay if you can’t feel thankful at the moment…

    1. I really appreciate your empathy, Adrian. It makes me sad, I’m making you sad. So, let’s not be sad anymore… I know things will always work out for the best. Sometimes we just want it sooner… I think the whole broken ankle incident from my vacation is opening my eyes to a part of reality that I didn’t expect to see. The shock of the reality is taking a big bite out of my usual optimism about life — for the moment. But when the self-pity dust is settled, I am grateful… I know I have a lot to be thankful — for starters, your friendship… and when all said and done, I’m grateful I broke my left leg instead of the right… because at least I can still drive so I’m not completely immobilized and stuck for the next couple of months. 🙂

  1. Emily, Smile just remember one thing during the holidays not all people are happy because they miss the ones who are lost and can’t be here. When I get that way and believe me I’m still having those issues with my thoughts I remember what a very good friend told me our lost family and friends are still with us like the stars are always in the sky we might not see them but they are there always. Our people are with us too in our hearts, in the hearts of our children and in the eyes of our friends. Sorry you had a bad day but you wrote a wonderful blog and it was very thoughtful even when you were having a not so good day. My friend those are reasons to love…you have love in your heart. Please don’t feel bad and maybe Christmas will be better for all of us. Love Kat

      1. I’m so glad I could do that for you. When I first lost Carl there was a person who helped me out cause I had gone to a very dark place and it was her not my children or my friends who helped me the most. I’m always here for you even if your just blowing off steam okay. I hope the rest of your Holiday Season goes a little more smoother. God bless. Kat

  2. Emily, if I shared my sister’s story with you, you might feel better. Her heart is shattered and hard to give comfort to someone in that place. Yes, it’s ok to not feel it, but I am thankful for your ability to capture beauty with your camera and I am sure you are a great cook too. It will all come together again for you as it has in the past. More tough stuff but you are strong even if you don’t think so. Hugs to you my friend… xo

    1. Sweet Roberta, thank you for your supportive and comforting words. Your kindness helps me find the strength to climb over this road block and so I can continue to move forward. Yes, there are people who are worse off… I’m grateful that I still have my creativity and good health. You’re right… it will all come together again. 🙂

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