The Wheels on the Train…

I’ve always had a thing for trains. Perhaps it’s because I raised two boys who were so into trains when they were little and the fond memories I have in my heart of our train yard escapades. Oh, I remember those times we would sing over and over —  the silly song about the wheels on the train go round and round… and the big smiles on their little faces when the nice train engineer let them  push the whistle button. It’s amazing how something so simple yet ordinary can bring such joy and contentment when we are young.

Though I’m glad I still enjoy simple things in life  but I am not always content with the ordinary, especially when it involves photography. After taking a couple of shots of this moving train, I decided to challenge myself to turn the ordinary into something different. As I zoomed in, my creative brain began to turn like the wheels and I no longer see the train but instead I saw shapes, lines and lights. However, during processing in Lightroom; the images still seem ordinary in color. So I decided to turn them into monochrome. I really like the more dramatic and stylistic image then just a picture of a moving train. But that’s just me… and my wild imagination. 😀

Click on the photo to see a larger version. It’s definitely more dramatic.




One Comment on “The Wheels on the Train…

  1. Emily, you just let that wild imagination of your’s go wherever it wants to. Going over to black and white is a good move, and I particularly like the 4th photo down here, the “GATX” one. I hope you’re fine. Adrian 🙂

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