The Golden Hour


No destination, no compass
Sixty glorious minutes passing by
Taking in the golden moments through my eyes
Savoring every second of the journey
For wherever the wind may take me

The Golden Hour



11 Comments on “The Golden Hour

    • Good to see you John. I’m doing well… there are still a few kinks but taking it one day at a time. I have faith eventually it will straighten itself out. Hope all is well with you too. 🙂

  1. Emily, welcome back, really good to see you blogging again! I like the pictures, and the words are right there. Take good care of yourself. Adrian

    • Thank you, Adrian for the supportive words. It’s good to blog again, and while my situation is still rather precarious; I’m doing well especially with friends like you who brings me comfort with your caring thoughts from across the world… 🙂

  2. Lovely photos. “Wherever the wind may take me”â€ĶI never know where you are but the winds seem to always be changing. I hope all is well as I think of you often.

    • Thank you for your comforting words, Karen. I know… I’ve been like a feather blowing in the wind. At least, I am back in Pacific Northwest and will never move again. I hope to travel the world like you and your husband. Though Washington will always be my home base. I think of you too… especially when I need inspiration. Your world travels and stories give me insights into all the wonderful and amazing places I have to look forward to in this crazy world. 🙂

    • Hi Roberta! Thank you for thinking of me. Life has been rather challenging and I lost my creativity for blogging until a few days ago. I’ve been feeling the need to do a post the last few days and finally I got the opportunity yesterday. Guess I received your kind thoughts. Thanks for the wake up call, Roberta. Hope all is well with you. 🙂

      • It is weird but not, when we think a thought of someone or somethings and then wallaw, we are either hearing from or seeing. It’s providence! I am thinking a lot about providence lately and I open a book and there is the word. It’s meant to be. We moved to Oregon in December. It’s been a wonderful change from southern CA. Love, love, love the green, flowers, forests, and garden enthusiasts. Not to say that I don’t have my struggles, in my! but I try to learn from what I feel and take it to God in prayer. When there isn’t anyone for me to talk to I know He always welcomes me.. So very nice to hear from you! I hope your furry friends are well…

        • Likewise, it’s so nice to hear from you too. I know what you are saying. My life is a providence. When I think of all the challenges happened to me through out my life and being able to overcome it during the darkest hours; I truly believe there’s divine intervention watching over me. I have faith that God will show me the way out the predicament I’m in right now…

          I’m glad to hear about your move to Oregon. Where? Oregon is a beautiful state. It’s a lot like Washington but with more accessible ocean coast. I love driving aimlessly along the coast especially when I have a lot on my mind to sort out. Would love to stop by for a visit with you when I get down there again.

          • We humans have a tendency to get ourselves in a pickle now and then.. Lol! It would definitely be special to see you…

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