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Tomorrow will be the three-year anniversary for  Emily’s Photography Blog.  In the beginning, I wasn’t expecting anything great would come from blogging. I started the blog because I was unemployed and the daily blogging kept my mind busy.  However it didn’t take long for my expectation to change — especially after my tumor operation a couple of years ago. I realized that photo blogging did more than just keeping my mind occupied. The blog taught me about determination, friendship, selfless sharing, support and learning about life around the world through pictures. Most importantly, it made me appreciate and perfect my skills so that I can become the professional photographer that I am today. So my fellow bloggers. Just keep taking pictures, blog about it and enjoy the journey… because you never know who might be looking and want to pay you for your hard work.

In the three years of blogging, I have received many requests to use my photos. I have granted all but one request for free. Normally, I’m okay without getting pay and would settle for a credit and link back to my blog. However, the one that I have turned down was actually someone who works in a famous hotel in New York City. The person was interested in using my photos for the walls in the restaurant. At first I was very tempted in letting them use it for free. After all, the hotel is famous. But then I thought, if I do that then I would only depreciate my own skills and the value of my work. It’s not as if they couldn’t afford the small payment I was asking. I wasn’t going to let my work be used by people who could afford to pay regardless of how much potential exposure I might get. I’ve learned long ago that I would rather get paid and get the exposure at the same time. If they want my work, they should pay for it. I’m sure they wouldn’t let me stay at the hotel for free.

Anyway, a month ago, I received a request to use my photos from the creative director of 1859 Oregon’s Magazine.  And on top of that, my photo debut made the cover of the magazine. When I received the check a month later, it was an amazing feeling to be compensated fairly for my hard work. I’m so glad I stay true to my values.  Thank you everyone for your support and wonderful comments. Your uplifting and kind words have helped me through these dark periods of my life in more ways then you’ll ever know…   🙂





38 Comments on “Cover Debut

  1. Congrats on the cover and more importantly, the 3 years of blogging! I become more and more interested in blogging as my “social media” and find it MUCH more engaging! And the content is 1000x better as proven by your site:) Happy shooting and cheers to many more years! EE

  2. Emily first of all congratulations with your 3 year blogging anniversay!!
    But your cover debut overshadows this milestone a bit, I guess! Wow, what an achievement, I very happy for you & keep up the great work, who knows what you will be doing in another 3 years!

  3. Lovely picture! Congratulations. Tell me how long it took you to begin breathing again. Looking at the cover must have given you such a rush!

    • It’s so nice to see you again, Priya. LOL… yes, it was quite a rush when I saw the cover for the first time, second, third… tenth… fiftieth. 😉

  4. Emily, this is amazing, wow and re-wow ! I’m happy for you ! You did the right thing to not let this New-York restaurant use your photo for free. People just don’t realize the amount of time and money we put in our photography. Congratulations !

    • Yes, it takes a lot of time and money to produce quality work. Unfortunately, when every phone can take pictures it is a challenge to get people to respect the value of photography.

  5. Congratulations…I know you are thrilled to see your photo on the cover of the magazine.

  6. Wonderful shots! Congratulations!
    It’s such a great feeling when you are recognized for your talents, and can get paid for something you enjoy doing at the same time.

  7. Congratulations on both your determination and the success thus far Emily. It’s great we can now see the cover and photos through this post!

    • Thank you, Steven. It is an amazing feeling to see the photos in print. My next goal is get my foot into the local magazines here in Seattle.

  8. I really hope that this new exposure for your talents opens many new avenues for you, that will serve you well. I’m very happy for you, and am looking forward to more updates soon. Best of luck in this–you have earned it!

  9. Wonderful photos and I am very glad to see you getting recognized for your talent and work. Looking forward to seeing what’s next…

    • It is nice to get recognized and even better… get paid! Thanks Mike. I hope you make it back this way soon. 🙂

  10. Hi Emily – how are you doing these days? I hope things are smoother now – plus I hadn’t realised you’d had a tumor operation – worrying and grim.

    “I’m sure they wouldn’t let me stay at the hotel for free.” says it exactly. My wife loves knitting, especially baby clothes, and gives them to new/young mothers – but its a shock to see how much such hand made garments cost in the shops!

    I’m retired from work now and enjoying the status enormously – and there’s lots more time for photography! Hope you’re fine! Adrian

    • I had a tumor growth on my thyroid a couple of years ago. Luckily, it was benign. And the support I’ve received through this blog was amazingly healing. I’m all better now and the scar across my neck is barely visible. LOL… You should have seen the stares I would get from job interviewers when the scar was fresh.

      The big difference between your wife’s and the retail store… her garment is made with love and compassion. And that’s something you can’t buy. 🙂

  11. First of all congratulations on making it three years of blogging and I sincerely hope that the tumour op went well. I was of a similar mind about letting my images be used for free but more and more I am seeing some commercial requests arriving in my inbox. I have turned all of them down so far but I am seriously reconsidering that decision.

    • Thank you, Mike. Yes, the tumor was removed and I’ve since recovered. While it’s good to be generous to let others use your work for free non-commercially, however if someone is willing to compensate you fairly for your work, then by all means, you should sell your work. 🙂

  12. The technology age is definitely an age of prosperity! I’m glad to hear you saw the value in your work as well as yourself when I came to the hotel that wanted your pic to hang on their wall – good for you! Many people do not recognize their value & it’s sad b/c we are all created equal!

    • Thank you Brandye for visiting my blog and leaving the nice comment. You are right, if more people would recognize the value of their time and work then there would not be so many “starving artists” out there… 😉

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