Seeking Truth and Forgiveness On Route 66 – Part 3

There is nothing more thought-provoking than driving for hundreds of miles alone on a desert road to reflect about life. While the solitary beauty and grandness of the landscape made me feel grateful for being alive and having the freedom to enjoy the moment, the inner civil war inside my head continues its pursuit of right and wrong.  It’s beyond belief how a moment in life can be so beautiful and full of promising future of happiness… then you make that one wrong choice and puff… that opportunity is gone forever. I know… it certainly wasn’t the first nor would it be the last time I’d make choices like that but nonetheless, I felt like such a fool that I could be so careless. As the battle continues on I came upon another small desert town: Oatman. Although the town didn’t seem like much from first impression, I was glad to have the opportunity to take a break from my tumultuous conscience.

When I got out of my car, I almost stepped on to a pile of smelly excrement from the town’s mascot. Many years ago, Oatman was a gold mining town. And after the gold mines were shut down, the burros used during mining were released into the wild.  Some of the descendents became tourist attractions. The burros come and go as they please around town, leaving smelly piles everywhere.

My first impression of the town was correct. There wasn’t much to do. After reading the sign about the burros, I took some photos around town. As I started to walk back to my car, this burro for some reason decided to follow me. When I got into the car, he still would not leave me alone. He just stood there looking at me with pleading eyes. I told him to go away… I don’t have any food. There were signs all around town warning people about feeding the burros and yet I saw a woman feeding one of the burros her ice cream. The beast still would not give up and thought perhaps he could convince me by sticking his head into the window. Of course being the photographer, I grabbed the camera and shoot — at the same time trying to stay as far back from the beast as I could when he stuck his head further into the car. At this point I wasn’t sure what to do… other than continue to take pictures and ordering him to go away. Then he looked at me for a moment and backed off.

With a sigh of relief I thought he finally took the hint and decided to leave — instead he proceed to eat my car. Hey! I shouted at him. Don’t eat my car! I wanted to reach out and push him away but… just then a man who has watched my comical interaction with this beast came to my rescue. He shoo the burro away from the car long enough for me to escape…


24 Comments on “Seeking Truth and Forgiveness On Route 66 – Part 3

  1. Oatman, Sedonna, Prescott … All of them great haunts. You can even drive to the top of the mountains in Kingman and there is a little park and a lake up there.


    • I did go up to the top of the mountains in Kingman. What a beautiful place. Definitely a place I would like to go back and explore some more. Thanks LDS for stopping by. I tried to make a comment on your recent post and for some reason it just wouldn’t let me. I like your stories and interesting insights about life. Makes me think… 🙂

  2. I so hope u find some calm; because, some of the time, all the writing and strolling and music and open air and all-those-things-that-make life-sane-for-a-moment don’t really calm the chaos within.
    I find relief only as I look into the other world -God’s loving unseen world. I find very delicious peace. Then I can breathe in the breeze into my once-heavy chest.
    And the vote goes to the intro pix -the so-lovely-it-makes-me-wanna-cry clouds (in the mirror) appearing in the same frame with the bare red desert sand. Lovely. Reeks of sweet adventure.
    Runner up -the last picture, which

    • Thank you for your insightful comment. Yes, we can try to escape through distractions… but in the end, it’s how you deal with the truth within that will help you discover the peace and forgiveness…

  3. I love a good donkey story and the photos of the donkeys are awesome, but wow, that last photo, AMAZING! Everything about it, the clouds, the mountains, the desolate landscape, the curve in the road leading to the unknown, it all screams ‘adventure’. And I love a good adventure! Thank you for sharing these amazing adventure photos.

    • You are most welcome. I’m glad you enjoyed these photos. I like the last one a lot too for the same reasons as you. The desert is such a nomadic place for the mind, body, and soul… 🙂

  4. Good pics, Emily – and interesting to see places like this – the out of the way interior of America. I especially like the shot of the burro eating your car – friends of our’s recent had a similar experience with horses on Exmoor, a national park near here – and the horse putting its head in through the window broke the window!

    Hang on in there with “issues”. Its a trite thing to say I suppose, but the past can’t be undone – and so beating yourself up about it really is an endless road. I speak with ongoing, bitter experience here. Adrian

    • This is the first time I’ve such up close and personal experience with the burro. This one was a stubborn one and he tried to eat my car several times. He actually scraped some paint and chewed off a piece of the rubber around the window.

      Thanks for the comforting words of wisdom, Adrian. For the most, I usually have no regrets about my choices in life — regardless of the outcome. Like you said, I find regrets useless. However, once in a blue moon, I’d make one of the choices that I just can’t forgive myself… at least not right a way. I’m sure I’ll still beat myself up occasionally but isn’t that what makes us “normal”… 😉

  5. Hey Emily,

    Sounds like you definitely had an interesting time! I hope you’redoing well otherwise though. I still need to catch up with you, I misse your call and haven’t had a chance to return it. These pics are very cool, I like the story even better. I haven’t had a chance to visit an old gold mining town like this, maybe sometime soon. I’m driving back to the Bay Area from Las Vegas this week, so maybe I’ll have the chance to see some sights. Looking forward to catching up soon and I hope you’re doing ok.

    • Hi Jonathon! Good to hear from you. Otherwise tired and stressed, I’m doing okay. Hanging in there… hope to catch up with you soon. 🙂

  6. What an adventure you’re having. A rather large part of me wishes I were there with you, I admit. I continue to salute your independence and your decision to undertake this spontaneous excursion. For certain kinds of personalities, Oatman just might be what the doctor ordered (probably not mine,m though). Can’t wait for more!

    • It would’ve been fun to have you along on the adventure. I’m sure you are right about Oatman not being your kind of place. I find it amazing to have a tourist trap out in the middle of nowhere. Yes, I do like spontaneous excursions the best. However, while I enjoy my independence — occasionally, it would be kind of nice to be a damsel in distress and have a knight in shiny armor to rescue me… 😉

    • Thanks, Roberta. It was a lot of fun taking those shots. I really didn’t know where Route 66 would take me. It was just a spontaneous kind of trip to sort out some issues I was having with my life.

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