Seeking Truth and Forgiveness on Route 66 – Part 1

When life becomes too much for me to handle and I need to rediscover my true self, my solution is to go on a road trip. Usually, I would take a nice long drive along the Oregon Coast.  However, since I am now living in the middle of a desert state, I’ve been trying without much success to find places among the cactus and sandy landscape to help me escape the trials and tribulations of life. Being an ocean girl at heart, it has been quite a challenge for me to find a substitute escape route. I’ve driven to Phoenix, Flagstaff, Sedona, and none of the roads provided me the comfort I find along the ocean coast.

When I came to work last Friday, feeling unmotivated and extremely sad… I knew I was on the verge of burn out from all the challenges of running the restaurant by myself, and the recent life changing mistake I’ve made. As I sat in the booth feeling sorry for myself, tears running down my cheeks. I couldn’t help but feel that life is just so unfair: I work my butt off and yet; I am still unable to get ahead. My body aches; over worked, filled with guilty conscience and a broken heart. I couldn’t fathom why there seems to be people who I didn’t do anything wrong to — tried their best to see that I don’t succeed.

As I went through the motions of preparing for the day’s business, I couldn’t concentrate on anything. I felt so trapped and knew I had to escape. And there was only one place on my mind. The ocean. The closest place I could think of was Los Angeles. That’s it… I’ll escape to L.A. I put a sign on the restaurant door informing the potential customers that I would be back in a few days. Quickly, I head home — threw a few things in an overnight bag and off I went… I drove west towards the Pacific Ocean. However, after about an hour on the freeway — I start to wonder if going to L.A. is a good idea. After all, I am trying to escape. And who in their right mind would want to escape to L.A. — the land of greed and deceit — to find truth and forgiveness.

Just then, I saw the sign for route 66. I had heard of the road but never really took the time to learn about it. I knew it was popular for something… and suddenly my inner voice told me I should go on route 66 instead of L.A. Well… I believe things happen for a reason and your instincts are usually the right one. There was a good reason for me to go on route 66. It turned out to be the trip I was looking for…

I got off the freeway and followed the sign to the town Seligman, on Route 66. Talk about tourist trap. As I drove through town, I thought perhaps I should have gone to L.A. instead. Souvenir shops, motels, food stands, signs, and rundown buildings crowed on both sides of the road.

I was hoping for more natural beauty and not so much commercialization. However, once I got out and saw the town from behind the viewfinder of my camera. I was captivated by the abundant photo opportunities.

Not sure how long ago this pump was last used. Wish we still have oil prices like that.

As I continue on my Route 66 road trip, I came upon a view that gave me hope of the great adventures ahead…

16 thoughts on “Seeking Truth and Forgiveness on Route 66 – Part 1

  1. Seeing all these great photos makes me think more about one day doing a photo road trip across America… that route you’re on looks awesome!

  2. It takes guts to make a big move to a new land and it takes time to settle in. Sometimes you wonder what you were thinking, but trust that it works out in the long run.

  3. Always wonderful photos…I especially enjoyed the last one of your camera in the mirror reflecting where you have just left but knowing that you are trying to see your future. Good luck.

  4. Great shots. Hang in there Em, we have both been through some dark times and they don’t last forever. After seeing these shots I think we definitely need to explore Route 66 on my winter roadtrip.

    1. Thank you Adrian for visiting my blog and the compliment. I try to find creative ways to express my views. And shooting into the side mirror while driving was interesting though I would not recommend anyone to do it unless you are on a desert road with no cars coming from either direction for miles. 🙂

  5. Emily, I hope you can find a better balance in your work, a burn-out is really not fun ! I also wish you can find true happiness in your new life. Listening to your inner voice is the right thing to do as it will always lead you to places and people who will make you the most happy.
    This town looks like so much fun with all its colourful signs ! I love your photos, especially the first one, it’s a wonderful photo !

    1. Thank you Jocelyne for the supportive words. I do need to find a better balance in my work and I am working towards that. I know my restaurant is just a stepping stone to my next stop on this journey of life. I’m sure I will get to my true destination one of these days… 🙂

  6. Good for you, Emily! It takes a lot of courage to jump into unknown adventure like this, but then you’ve proven before that you have what it takes. This is a great start, and I can’t wait to see more. I’m with you in spirit!

    1. Thanks Gary for the uplifting compliment. Yes, unknown adventures can be scary but they sure are exciting and fun. And it’s amazing how much you can learn about yourself while driving in the desert without anyone else around for miles.

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