Snow Wimps In Action

I woke up this morning expecting the rain to come and wash away all the snow but since I live in the convergence zone, we got more snow instead — while the rest of the greater Seattle area got freezing rain on top of the snow from yesterday’s storm. Needless to say, the city pretty much came to a standstill from layers of ice. While I do agree, Seattleites are terrible drivers in snow but was it really necessary for the L.A. Times newspaper to insult us? Yesterday, the L.A. Times did a report about our snowstorm and called us snow wimps. The reporter was very condescending about our reactions to small amount of snow. I mean really… of all places, L.A.? They don’t even know how to drive in the rain and I doubt they would know how to drive in the snow at all — yet the reporter has the audacity to lecture us about our snow driving ability? I don’t like it when people make judgments without knowing how it really is. Does the reporter even know what the Seattle streets look like? I find the reporting really rude and not to mention bad journalism.  I know when I first moved down from Alaska, I had no problem driving in the snow but over the years, my ability becomes more cautious because of lack of practice. It’s hard to practice when it snows maybe a few times a year if even that. And that’s part of life… when you don’t continue to practice, you are not going to be good at it and eventually you might even forget how to do it. So… Take that L.A. Times… we are snow wimps and proud of it!

And speaking of practice. It has been a while since I shot my furry kids in action and with all the thick, fluffy snow; I thought it would be a good opportunity to practice my action shots. By afternoon, the snow fall had lighten up enough that I thought it would be okay to take my camera out in it. And of course, the furry kids love any opportunity to play in the snow.

One great thing about shooting Max in snow is his golden red fur. It creates nice contrast and makes it easier for me to get the correct exposure. Unlike Ms. Evie whose creamy white fur blends in too much with the snow. I tend to shoot her a little underexposed so that I can capture the details of her better.

Max is quite an athlete. He can catch Frisbees, knows how to play basketball, and he loves soccer. Nothing like a fun game of soccer in the snow. This was his first time playing soccer in the snow and as you can see, he was pretty good at it. 🙂

21 thoughts on “Snow Wimps In Action

  1. I live in L.A. and I agree that the locals here have no idea how to drive in the rain. Perhaps because we don’t often have gentle Seattle type rain, but usually end up with tropical downpours which means flooded streets …

    I love the photos of your dogs playing in the snow. I can understand how hard it is to capture a white dog in the snow – our dogs have all been black and they are also hard to photograph.

  2. You have two beautiful fur friends, Emily. Max is bold and stoic and everything “Kingly”. Your shot of Evie, though, flying through the white stuff brings me thoughts of “Facor” in the “Neverending Story” and that is soul moving indeed. Beautiful action shots and wonderful picture of Max with soccer ball.

  3. Today it snowed in our town for the first time this year.

    In our country there is a song, “Durning the winter, a dog runs in a garden while a cat sleeps in warm table. “

  4. Oh wow – your fur babies are so beautiful! You do have a lot of snow! Ours is just a thin white layer on the grass!

    It is difficult to drive in the snow and I cut down on my driving during the winter because of this.

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