It’s More Than Just Black and White

First of all, I would like to THANK everyone who left wonderful comments and birthday wishes for me. Although I wasn’t thrill nor thankful for being another year older, your comments warm my heart and soul. 😀

But… for some reason, I seem to hit another creative roadblock. Maybe it’s the thought of getting older and feeling like my life is passing by or perhaps it’s the rainy weather; whatever the reasons maybe, I seem to have lost my desire to shoot anything lately. I know I get these creative roadblocks in the past and have always overcome it eventually. I’ve been trying to deal with this lack of motivation since my birthday post and unfortunately, I feel the need to take a break from WordPress and posting a bit longer — maybe another couple of weeks. Thanks again everyone… I really appreciate your kindness and supportive friendship.



16 Comments on “It’s More Than Just Black and White

  1. Creative roadblocks….don’t we all have them. Sometimes time away from what we do is the best solution. While your followers will miss your photos, there are more important things in life than blogging. I’ll be here when you return.

  2. Do what you want to do… when you want to do it. When you feel like being creative, you will be back and we will all be here to enjoy it. Have a wonderful end of the year, make memories and recharge yourself.

  3. On those days that I don’t blog, it sometimes feel like a burden has been lifted. If you’re not having fun blogging, then a break is a good thing. Love the silhouette of the bird!

  4. I’m sorry for you, Emily, I know the feeling sucks. I took almost two months off this past winter, but eventually I felt better and I went back to photography and to the blog. Hope your block is over soon!

  5. Always here for you! Looking for whatever you post and whenever you do ! I thought of you today. Some reason I find myself thinking of my blogger friends when I haven’t heard from them!

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