Cloudy Opportunity

It was late in the afternoon when I finished my errands. As I was heading home, I noticed the sunlight burst through the unique looking cloud formations across the sky. There were patches of blue sky covered by tall, ominous looking dark clouds — ready to release the rainstorm — and at the same time; intermingle with fluffy white clouds. I decided to take the furry kids to the beach where they can get rid of their pent-up energy and I was sure with clouds like that, the sunset would be absolutely amazing for a good photo shoot. Lucky me, I live only about five miles from the beach.

When we got to the beach, I let the furry kids play and do their usual stuff. Evie likes to run around and dig in the sand like a mad dog. She also enjoys chasing seagulls.

Max… he only has one thing mind — he runs straight into the frigid water ready to play fetch. Speaking of frigid, the bay water is very cold. It doesn’t get past 50 degrees even in the summer. Last month, I had to wade into the freezing sea, up to my chest to rescue Max because I thought he was snare by the giant sea kelp forest. But that’s another story…

As the sun began to set, the sky and clouds morphed into spectacular colors and shapes.

Everything took on a reddish, golden hue.

Even though the temperature was cold, it warmed my heart and soul to enjoy such an amazing cloudy opportunity. šŸ™‚


26 Comments on “Cloudy Opportunity

  1. Your beautiful photos, this post, make me want to spend some time painting clouds again. Someday, I may even do them justice, as you have, here, Emily. Gorgeous!

  2. Oh, what amazing light in these shots – so gorgeous!

    My dog Oscar loves cold water and would be in there with Max!

  3. Beautiful shots! The colors and shapes of the clouds are lovely. It’s so great to see the kids having fun! I wish I could take my cats to the beach :).

  4. Beautiful photos! When we lived in Key Largo and the sun was setting over the bay, we would know when you would see a great sunset. There had to be some clouds,

    • Thanks Karen. Yes, while I think all sunsets are beautiful… the clouds definitely help make them more spectacular and interesting. šŸ™‚

  5. Hi Emily! On your sky photos, do you get “blinkies” on your histograms of the photos? I have a hard time figuring the ISO/aperture for photos that “look at the light” because I essentially get over-exposures. Sometimes I go with them anyway, because I like the effect of “blown” light, but unfortunately it can sometimes tend to over-blow the rest of the color in the photo as well. That doesn’t appear to have happened in your sun/cloud photos. Good on you!

    • Thanks Paula for your comment. I’m not sure what you meant by “blinkies” but then again, I usually don’t pay attention to the histograms. I use my own judgment to determine if I like the exposure or not. I use different settings based on the look I want to achieve. Most of the time, I shoot sunsets and bright sky a little under exposed so that I can fix it in the darkroom without blowing the sky too much while the rest of the image exposure is good. I use Adobe Lightroom3 to process all my images. It’s a great darkroom software. I recently added the ND filter (Neutral Density) to my camera gear to help with better exposure for the sky. For these shots, I had the ISO at 400, aperture f/8-f/22 and set the exposure about 1 stop lower than what the camera indicated as the correct exposure.

    • Thanks Victor. There is something about the golden glow that makes the object it touches look special. I love ridding the ferry across the sound during sunsets. It’s so magical. šŸ™‚

  6. These are so gorgeous Emily! They are filled with such warmth, with such pure feeling and intimacy it’s almost tangible in it’s intensity. Wonderful work.

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