Beware of This Email Scam!!

It never ceases to amaze me the different ways scammers can come up to hurt and cheat unsuspecting people. I just received this email today and some how the email address they use must seem legit enough to pass through the spam detection and it was able to get into my inbox. Just by its appearance, I knew it was suspicious and didn’t download the zip attachment as requested to get the information for my package — which I wasn’t expecting any.

I called the DHL customer service and they confirmed that this email is a scam and the attachment contains virus. The customer service agent told me they have a warning about it on their DHL website to warn their customers. However, I told him I didn’t see it, he said it’s at the very bottom of the HOME page. I told him the company should be more responsible and make a better effort to warn the public about it. I mean… how many of us know to check the DHL website for scams and especially when the warning is a small link at the very bottom of the page?? He kind of mumble a few words of apology and told me that they basically wait until enough damages or complaints had been committed from the scam before they would make the effort. He told me to forward the email to their fraud team — which I did but the email undeliverable on two attempts.

I know there are a lot of scams out there and I am very careful to not fall for it. However, this scam worries me because it is from a reputable shipping company and not some idiot from Nigeria asking for help. Anyway, since DHL was no help… I thought I would post the scam mail and warn you — and you can warn your family and friends who might fall for the “Package Label” virus attachment scam.


6 Comments on “Beware of This Email Scam!!

  1. Thanks for the warning! I think the scammers have been using all the major package delivery services for their scam. In my area, people were getting the same Email, but the Emails looked like they were from Fed-ex or UPS.

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