Surfs Up

We decided to take a longer road trip over the Labor Day weekend. With summer coming to an end, I wanted to enjoy the ocean beaches while we still have the gorgeous summer weather. We spent three days driving along the Oregon Coast. At first we thought about camping out on the beaches but then the idea of sleeping in a small tent with the sand covered furry kids — and the fact that Maximus often farts in his sleep didn’t sound very appealing. So we thought we would take our chances with motels instead. However, the last situation No Vacancy Road Trip did cross my mind. And honestly… we almost had another similar situation but guess luck was with us this time and we were able to get a room that was also pet friendly.

The Oregon coast have changed a great deal since the first time I was there 25 years ago. And unfortunately most of the changes are not for the better. Many of the popular towns have become overcrowded with expensive condos, heavy traffic and people. In our quest to find a more secluded beach, we discover an amazingly beautiful small cove with many surfers catching turquoise color waves.

Needless to say, I was happy as a clam to have the great opportunity — to practice shooting action shots. It was a good practice. Though, it would have been even better if I had a longer telephoto lens. I would have love to get up close and personal shooting the surfers and waves. But… since the waves were strong and unpredictable; I didn’t want to take a chance of  the camera getting splash by the waves or worse yet — I get swept out.

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