Wordless Date with Macro


16 Comments on “Wordless Date with Macro

  1. I absolutely love these breathtaking shots! They’re perfectly composed, and the play of light and shadow creates a wonderfully mystique atmosphere. I’m in love with them!

  2. These are gorgeous photos! I love the intricate details of the third one. With the fine furry lines on the ends of the leaves making it look really soft, the middle all velvety and the outter looking like feathers. I want to jump right into that photo and cuddle with it!

    • Thank you for your wonderful comment. Love your vivid description. Actually, you are right on. They are very soft and velvety. 🙂

    • Getting the perfect lighting in photography is definitely a difficult challenge. These shots were taken in the bright afternoon sun. The light and dark contrast works really well when it’s converted to b&w.

      Thank you Rifqi for your visit. 🙂

  3. I think the last two are my favorites. I love the flowing shapes in the last one and the textures in the one before…

    • Nice observation Mike. I really like the simplicity of the last two shots. It shows off the lines and textures of the flower. I love the flowing shapes as well.

    • Thanks for the lovely comment, Martina. I love my dates with Marco… always fun and interesting — never a dull moment.

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