Finding Inspiration On Top Of The World

Last Saturday was one of those beautiful sunny days that reminds me why I chose to live in the Pacific Northwest. The weather was absolutely perfect: balmy 78 degrees, sunny, bright blue sky with just the right amount of fluffy clouds — a great combination for finding inspiration — which I have lost and struggling to get it back. I decided to take a road trip to one of my most favorite places: The Artist Point on Mount Baker. In my opinion, it’s one of the most beautiful places on Earth.

It was a great trip and I’m happy to say, I found inspiration on top of the world: I took a lot of photos, met some nice people, saw some crazy stunts, and most of all discovered the inner strength to climb the mountain peaks to reach the destination.

My first inspiration came when we were driving up the winding road to Artist Point. I saw an antique roadster drove past us and there were more following behind. Quickly, we pulled over to the side and I jumped out with my camera while being careful to avoid the edge — it was a long drop down. My fear of heights quickly disappear as I focused on the beautiful cars roaring down the steep hill… a perfect opportunity to practice panning — which is one of my weakest skills. It was a fun challenge and the most difficult part of the shoot was definitely focus and composition. Over all, I got a few good shots and better understanding about panning. 🙂

As I watched the roadsters drove down the hill… I felt a positive charge of energy that I haven’t felt for weeks and had the feeling that the rest of the trip was going to be interesting. I was right, it turned out to be a very good trip. Stay tuned for more photos from the top of the world in the next couple of posts. Thanks everyone for your words of encouragement in my last post! 😀


19 Comments on “Finding Inspiration On Top Of The World

  1. The last picture, being in black and white gives an old world feel to the photograph, especially with the subject matter. Well done. Also looks like your “practice” session of panning turned out well. Some nice movement shots.

  2. Lovely Emily! I’m glad you out to shoot, had a great time and got your inspiration back. I knew you would get it back soon! Very nice shots, the scenery, cars and colors are great, not to mention the cool panning shots!

    • It was good to get out and about. Mt. Baker is one of those places that makes you forget about any stressful things. I hope you’ll get to visit it someday. Thanks for nice compliment Jonathon. 😀

  3. Very nice photos of the mountain and the cars. So glad to see you happy and sharing your work with us. I remember climbing that mountain and wearing shorts in the snow. Fun and inspirational too. I’m want to re-visit Washington State after seeing your lovely photos.

    • It wasn’t easy but I was determined to make it to the top. I wanted to prove to myself that I still have the strength to do it. Since my surgery, I’ve been feeling like a whimp. So it was good to be on top of the world. 😀

  4. Ahhh Baker, have to love Baker! What an amazing sight the cars must have been (and of course, Artist Point but that goes without saying)! I love the car shots, keep practicing panning, you know I do every time we go out on photo walks. 😀

    Glad you got your spark back (I never ever doubted you).

  5. That first shot is how you have influenced me, Emily. Such grandeur captured by your eye. The second one? You are in shorts and on snow!!!!! I have never……I’ve heard of it but never experienced it.
    The cars. Love em. That last shot? I feel like I’m seeing something back in the day, but for the paved road. Ha! Glad you have your “groove” back. 🙂

    • Thanks Leslie! Glad to hear my good influence on you. 🙂 As for the snow, the snow melt has been very slow this year because of the cold weather. Normally, there isn’t that much snow at this time of the year.

  6. Mt. Baker is beautiful!! What great shots of the cars and I really like the last b&w. It’s looks so old timey..

    • Good to see you Roberta. Yes, Mt. Baker is beautiful. It’s one of those places that just takes your breath away. And you just never know what you might see up there…

    • Thanks Cocomino. It was interesting to see the old cars. I didn’t expect to see them way up there in the mountains. Lucky me. 😉

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