Detoured Road Trips

Hi everyone, thank you for all your supportive comments and emails. I haven’t posted lately because… I seem to be having a creative road block. And it’s taking me a little longer than usual to get back. Hopefully, my road trip this weekend will help me find my way and I’ll something interesting worth posting. Have a great weekend!


12 Comments on “Detoured Road Trips

  1. Cool shot Emily. Really like the monochrome processing in this shot.

    We all go through a roadblock..don’t we? But at the end, we look back and see that as a good break. I am sure you’ll be back soon.

  2. Evie looks wonderful Em, love the cool shades. Hope you had a great time on you road trip, we will need to plan another WP photowalk soon. 😀

  3. Emily, what an awesome photo of your dog with sunglasses, how clever. There is always something to capture, perhaps a quick break can renew your spirit. See you soon.

  4. Hey Emily! I hope you have a safe and enjoyable road trip this weekend. Feel free to give me a call if you need to talk and I can help. Keep the faith! These periods where we “lose” our creativity are temporary. Focus on the fun and exciting times that are ahead…

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