Mosaic Architecture

Often times, I get unmotivated taking pictures of the same subject. When this happens — which is a good thing because it forces me to think outside of the box. During my recent visit to Vancouver, I had in mind to shoot the beautiful architectures in the city. While there were plenty of buildings to photograph, I felt most of the buildings looked similar: tall with a lot of glass. I took a few shots but wasn’t very excited by having just another image of a building. However, as I was checking the images for sharp focus, I became fascinated by the building’s reflecting glass colors, interesting geometric shapes and lines. The glass blocks and reflections look more like mosaic tiles. And that’s how I came up with the idea for today’s post.


27 Comments on “Mosaic Architecture

  1. Wow! These shots are stunning, Emily. And they are all so different from each other. It’s curious isn’t it, how one looks at things one way for a long time then suddenly sees it in a new way? πŸ™‚

  2. Impressive, colorful and totally dazzles my eye and brain seeing a series like this. I would probably just title this collection “Mirrors” because I spent more time discerning what each photo reflected to me rather than the existence of a building. Loved this post, Emily.

    • Thank you Cocomino. The city definitely has a lot of modern architecture designs. I think it would be interesting to use the same mosaic concept on the architectures in Japan.

    • Thank you Martina. I’m glad you see it as works of art. πŸ™‚ That was my intention after I saw the graphic shapes. They reminded me of the line drawing exercises I used to do on angles and perspectives.

  3. Cool, amazing and awesome! I would totally buy prints of these — they’d look great in my living room !

    • Thank you so much John for your future business. I will let you know when my photo store is open for business. πŸ™‚

  4. These are really good illusions, never thought about architecture photos of this sort before.

    • Thanks Nigel. I’m glad you noticed the illusions, especially the third photo. If you look long enough, you can’t tell if the corner is in or out. (it’s actually pointed inward)

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