Be a Better Photographer: Shoot Your Dog

I love taking photos of my furry kids. Their wonderful personality and silly antics provides me with humorous entertainment but also a challenging opportunity to be a better photographer. Shooting the furry kids has helped me learn how to use the settings on my camera better than any other subjects. Most of the times, it’s a hit or miss kind of situations to get a good shot. Although with patience and treats, there are moments I have captured that are just precious.

Evie and Max playing in the summer snow.

Can you touch your nose with your tongue?

11 thoughts on “Be a Better Photographer: Shoot Your Dog

  1. Wonderful Emily! I completely agree – photograph your dogs and you’ll learn a lot. My two labs are quite a challenge and I learn something new every time I photograph them. Your furry friends are adorable!

  2. STANDING OVATION !!!!! I love these two, Emily and you are so good photographing them. Thank you for sharing these as I am thrilled each opportunity to see them.

    I do like the rest of your photos. I really do!!!…..but. Oh well, you know what I mean.

  3. Emily, you have the best subjects to practice on!! Looks like they are more willing to work with you than my kids. Maybe treats is the trick. You have great action photos, I love these, especially the last one! They are adorable.

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