Wordless Wednesday


10 Comments on “Wordless Wednesday

    • Poppies are great to photograph, especially the oriental poppy. They have such interesting blooms. Thanks Kala. 🙂

    • Out of curiosity, I googled “otherworldly” just to see what it would come up… well to my surprise… it is actually a word. According to Answers.com, the definition:
      1. Of, relating to, or characteristic of another world, especially a mystical or transcendental world: “The effect was dreamy, otherworldy” (Gioia Diliberto).
      2. Devoted to the world of the mind; concerned with intellectual or imaginative things.
      3. Concerned with an afterlife, especially when inattentive to the present.

      Thanks Jonathon. 😀

    • The original images of the popppy were nice but just ordinary. I thought it would be more interesting to create a more abstract looking image but still retains the poppy flower shape.

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