The Beauty of Garlic

21 Comments on “The Beauty of Garlic

  1. Beautiful compositions. Very effective use of colour and tone.

    • Thanks Sasi. I find that some subjects look more interesting in b&w and certain tones seem to tell the story better.

  2. Garlic is great for cooking and for your wonderful photos. Love the look of theses. They make great art pieces to adorn the restaurant walls from the places you shoot for. πŸ™‚

  3. One of many reasons why I love your work. You capture beautiful images of things I wouldn’t even think to look at.

  4. This study of garlic is beautiful, Emily. I know nothing about photography but you have captured beauty and made something everyday take center stage!

    • Thanks for such nice compliment Leslie. Although, you might not know much about photography — I think your ability to capture painted images on paper is pretty amazing. πŸ™‚

  5. Garlic is a lovely thing indeed! I really like these shots! It’s always nice to see something so ‘everyday ordinary’ in a new way.

    I’m a huge garlic fan! I’m suspicious of recipes that do not have garlic in them.

    And, my absolute favorite scent, is the smell of garlic sauteing … those first glorious 15-30 seconds when the garlic first becomes fragrant in the pan… pure Heaven!

    You should sell these! I’d totally buy #3 and #4 for my kitchen!

    • John — love your description of the smell of sautΓ©ing garlic. Like you, I’m a huge garlic fan. I used to live on a garlic farm and what a wonderful discovery it was about these amazing culinary treasures. There is nothing like cooking with freshly picked garlic. It’s so different than those you buy from the grocery store. (They are usually old)

      As for selling the prints, I am currently working on getting an e-commerce website to sell them. Hopefully, I’ll have it up and running next week. Thanks for your support! πŸ™‚

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