There is More Than Meets The Eye

Sometimes… there is more to the ordinary than meets the eye. During my weekend road trip, I stopped at a friend’s farm. While I found the garden nice to photograph, it was what I discovered with Macro that made my creative mind jumping with excitement. It’s always fun to go on a date with Macro — I get so much joy discovering deeper beauty of ordinary things that I would have missed.

One of the important things I’ve learned as a photographer is to always look down — you just never know what you might discover… like a bed of thyme would become a nice backdrop for the little snail I found. Or the chive flowers look even more interesting and beautiful up close…

13 Comments on “There is More Than Meets The Eye

    • Thanks Cocomino. That’s true about other fields… and especially when walking at a dog park — one should definitely look down. 😉

  1. Emily, I love macro, my best friend. I like your details and interesting display in the collage. Now, you taught me something, I didn’t know the name of the ‘chive’ flower. Thanks. Macro is usually when I find the most interesting creatures crawling out of their homes. The snail shot it cool, have to show to my kids, they will love it.

    • I love shooting macro and have always been facinated by seeing things up close. When I was a kid, I used to carry around a magnifying glass. Like you, I find the most interesting criters and flowers up close and this snail was only about 1/2 inch wide.

  2. I found a snail in a flower last night too! What a great photo, Emily! I like the series and how you get a little bit closer to your subjects.

    • Thanks Jolene. I try to use the different images in collage to tell the story. Glad you can see my intention. 🙂

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