The Joy of Pursuing Your Passion

I’ve been talking about pursuing my passion as a foodtographer for some time now. After some soul search and taking the necessary steps (like picking up the phone and just call people) finally last week, I was able to make it a reality. I had the pleasure to shoot some food shots for Chef Patrick, owner of Cochon Catering. Prior to becoming a professional cook, Chef Patrick worked as a nurse. He soon realized that being a nurse wasn’t what he wanted and decided to quit nursing and pursue his true passion: Cooking. Chef Patrick has been cooking professionally for more than 26 years — with experience in high-end French cuisine to rustic Italian, and nearly everything in between.  Recently, he decided to strike out on his own and started his own business of personal chef and catering.

After the shoot, we sat down to chat and eat his delicious gourmet creations. Not only does his food look beautiful… they tasted absolutely divine — sending my taste buds into overdrive. Even though we have just met — I could sense there is something special about Chef Patrick, just by the way he assembled and presented each dish — it tells me a lot about his awe-inspiring cooking ability and creativity. Most of all, it was a delight to talk with him — sharing stories of our experiences as business owners.

One of the most difficult aspects we both agreed about having your own business is self-promotion — it will make or break the success of your business. You can have all the great skills, products, or services but most business failed because of poor marketing or lack there of. This is even more prevalent for us creative minded people — guess that’s why there is the term “Starving Artist”. Perhaps, we are afraid people will judge our work in a negative way… or worse… we judge our own work contemptuously. I know I have to fight with this inner demon more often than not. While I can blame this weakness on my childhood: my parents not being supportive of my creative talents, being born a girl in a society where boys are valued more or that I was the black sheep of the family… etc. However, I know in my heart, when all is said and done — there are no excuses other than my lack of self-confidence and motivation.

Well… my meeting with Chef Patrick and photo shoot experience gave me the confidence that I do know what I’m doing and will only get better with practice and time.

Here are the photos from last week’s foodie shoot. A word of warning: Do not look on an empty stomach. 😉

Mixed Greens w/Orange Balsamic Vinaigrette, Roasted Almonds, Beets & Goat Cheese

Charred Brussel Sprouts w/Lemon and ChilisSmoked Potato Gnocchi w/Morels & Criminis Mushroom, topped with Truffeled Pecerino

Seared Scallop Stuffed w/Andoullie Sausage on Goat Cheese Polenta

Pan Roasted Halibut on Asian Slaw w/ Shrimp Dumplings

Chicken Breast Stuffed w/Carmalized Onion & Brie, Served w/Potato & Spinach Hash on Dijon Sauce

For those who lives in the greater Seattle area and would like to experience an unforgettable meal, contact Chef Patrick. He specializes in creating customized meals to meet your dining needs — such as: romantic occasions, weekly meals for busy families, specialty diets, new parents (great, unique baby shower gift!) and other events…

Chef Patrick Frank

16 Comments on “The Joy of Pursuing Your Passion

    • Thanks Mike. Yes, it’s good to get back to shooting food again. And it’s even better to get someone elese to do the cooking for me. 😀

  1. I’ve gained 5 pounds just reading this post! Beautiful work Emily!

    And here’s to inner demons … may we be always strong enough to fight them, even if we don’t ever conquer them.

  2. Emily, I am impressed, as always with your photos, so colorful, especially of the foods, you have the skill! Wish I lived near by to experience Chef Patrick’s cooking. Your presentation is awesome and I wish you lots of luck. Sometimes knowing exactly what to go after can be the most difficult decision, now the pursuit continues. I wish you all the best!

    • Thank you Martina for your lovely compliment. I really appreciate your gentle push with thoughtful and supportive words. 🙂

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