The Unlucky Bamboo

I bought this lucky bamboo over a year ago for its beauty and name but also, hoping it would bring me some luck. 😉 Well… if there ever was a time when a name is misleading, this poor lucky bamboo got it. First, my cat decided to do a taste test on it and plucked all of its leaves. The lucky bamboo must have gone into shock because it took almost a year before I saw a new leaf. And just when it finally start to flourish, yesterday; Evie knocked it off the table while we were sleeping. Unfortunately, she plucked some of the leaves and ingested a few of the crystal gel fertilizer pieces. To make the long story short, a few hours later I had to rush Evie to the vet. Thankgoodness, she recovered but the lucky bamboo cost me $125.00 in vet bill. Gee… looks like I should call it the unlucky bamboo or perhaps, I should just throw it in the trash. 😦


18 Comments on “The Unlucky Bamboo

  1. What a great shot! I didn’t notice the dog at first since I was concentrating on the bamboo plant and your story. Then I looked up and saw the blurry motion of your dog. What a great shot!

    • Yup, that’s Evie, the victim in the background. As I was setting the shot, she decided to come over and see what I was up to. And that gave me the idea to use her. Thanks for the comment. 🙂

  2. So, first you should understand that I’m naturally more cynical than optimistic. There’s the old “is the glass half empty, or half full” thing. I fall in the “the glass contains half of the amount it can hold” school… So, I’m not one to pass on cheesy positive thinking slogans.

    That being said…

    Perhaps the plant is lucky … after all, it’s still living. The cat didn’t get sick from devouring all its leaves the first time, and, this second time, it was only sick enough to cost $125. (One of my dogs had a leg operation that cost $1200.)

    And, then of course, there is the luck of having made it through your surgery successfully.

    But, then again, every species has a bad seed, and your poor little bamboo just happens to be the bad seed.

    Or, maybe it just really hated the color of the vase?

    🙂 🙂

    • You’re funny John. I’ve never thought about the bamboo not liking the vase — perhaps not feng shui appropriate? Jokes aside, maybe I will use a different container and see if its luck will change. 😉

  3. Glad to see you back. Hope you are doing much better. As for your photo, it’s a lucky one to me, I like how you have the dog in the background. You may even be able to sell it to cover your vet costs.

    • LOL… thanks Martina for the positive approach. Wouldn’t that be something. As for me, I am doing better though still feel kind of tired and weak. Just need to take it easy.

  4. Yikes sorry to hear about your cat and vet bill…My daughter gave me the same plant and for some reason it didn’t survive either..

    • Lol… actually, for some unknown reason, I have a hard time throwing it out and decided to keep it. At least I know that none of the furry kids will get to it again. This time I put it out of reach.

  5. it sounds like your lucky plant is jinxed… maybe pass it on to somebody you don’t like that much 😉 ha ha…

    • LOL… hmm… good idea. But then again, the person will probably end up winning the lottery or something like it. 😉 Guess I’ll just put it in the compost heap.

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